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Top Skydiving Mobile Apps

By Mesoon - Read 32764 times

Skydiving Logbook (Android / iOS)

Skydiving Logbook is an extremely popular application for both Android and iOS devices. The application allows users to log jumps with information such as jump #, aircraft, gear used, type of jump, delay, cutaways, notes and more. A unique feature is the ability to have licensed jumpers sign your logbook entries using the touchscreen. The application also caters for gear related information, allowing you to tie your gear item to their serial number and to set up service reminders on gear items. One is able to sort easily through the display of specific information that is recorded during your jumps, such as total jump counts, cutaways etc. You're able to manage your dropzones and aircraft, as well as setting a home dropzone. Another feature that's offered with this application is the ability to calculate and manage wing load information. The ability to import and export data from the application also means that you can perform frequent backups onto external devices.

Overall, this application is packed full of features and it's clear that the developer has done something amazing with it, offering a great application to the skydiving community for free, in fact to quote their download page: "This application is free and always will be."

Price: Free


4.5/5 based off 123 votes on Android.

4.5/5 based off 6 votes on iOS.

Download: Android: Skydiving Logbook
iOS: Skydiving Logbook

Skydiving Draw (Android)

There are a few apps out there at the moment that cater to formation skydiving, Skydiving Draw is the more popular of the apps available. It allows you to manually create or to randomly generate formation sequences which are then presented in visual form though graphic images.

The application provides you with the ability to copy and share your formation sequences, as well as the ability to export them as a PDF file, allowing for the easy print of such documentation onto paper, for training purposes. You are also able to save and load your sequences, this is something that while being worked on by other applications for future releases, wasn't yet available.

Price: $3

Ratings: 5/5 based off 17 votes.

Download: Skydiving Draw

Canopy Calculator (Android)

This app for Android devices is a small and basic application which calculates canopy size and wing load based off body and gear weight.

Naturally with such a lightweight application there isn't really too much to say about it, but the app seems very stable on most Android devices and can come in as a useful tool, also at only 80kb in size and as a free download, there is really no reason not to have it.

Price: Free

Ratings: 5/5 based off 8 votes.

Download: Canopy Calculator

BASEline Flight Computer (Android)

This application is more of an honorable mention, as the truth is, we really don't know just how well it works. On paper though, this looks to be a great application, if one has the correct mobile device that can support all of the functionality. BASEline Flight Computer is an application which is designed to improve flight performance, offering real-time feedback by both visual and audible means. The application claims that it uses the phone's sensors to determine things like altitude, glide ratio, tilt, speed etc.

BASEline Flight Computer offers the user the ability to program your mobile device into an audible altimeter. Though naturally one should never rely on your mobile device to act as your altimeter.

There is also a built in log book which has altimeter and gps recordings.


It is vitally important to note that this application should not at any stage be used as a primary means for altitude awareness, and to exercise extreme caution when using it in a skydiving or base jumping environment. The maker also strongly recommends that this device only be used with barometric altimeter sensors, which are only available on select few mobile devices. GPS data is not reliable for altitude readings, and even with barometric altimeter sensors, the readings may not be reliable.

The developer ends the description with the line: "Software is provided "as is," with no warranty of any kind. Skydiving is dangerous, don't be stupid."

This application has a lot to offer, as mentioned above. The real question is- How well does it work?

Price: $6

Ratings: 4/5 Stars based off 1 vote.

Download: Baseline Flight Computer

Which skydiving apps have you got loaded onto your smart phone?



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User Feedback

Hmm, I feel like this list left off the best app - Paralog (mobile).

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dammit, totally had the idea for the virtual logbook on iPhone including all the features they listed..shit

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Odd that Paralog is missing; not only is it one of the oldest and best-known apps on the computer, it runs great on mobile too.
And accepts finger-signatures.

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doesn't Paralog need specific Digital Alti input?

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Skydiving Draw is now available for BlackBerry OS v10+ devices (i.e. Z10, PlayBook)!

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