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The Tunnel VS 1 Gets Land

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Marissa Partners, LLC has come to terms on a property located on the corner of Mission Trail Road and Corydon Street in Lake Elsinore CA. The 2 acre parcel is adjacent to the Lake Elsinore MotoCross Track and in very close proximity Skydive Elsinore. "The Company is very excited about this location and we see some wonderful opportunities to work with both Skydive Elsinore and Lake Elsinore MotoCross on this project." said a spokesperson for Marissa Partners, LLC.

The Tunnel VS 1

The Tunnel VS 1™ is the world's most advanced design indoor skydiving facility. The state-of-the-art complex will be the widest diameter commercial facility of its kind at 14 ft. and capable of producing wind speeds in excess of 150 mph.

The Tunnel VS 1 Promotional Giveaway

To promote The Tunnel VS 1 the company is giving a way 500 T shirts for FREE to registered Dropzone.com users. The promotion will start run for 30 days till October 15, 2002. For more information and to register to enter the promotion, click on the link below.

>T-Shirt Giveaway Registration

About Marissa Partners, LLC

Marissa Partners is an investment holding company. Our primary business is the development and operation of The Tunnel VS 1™. The Company’s focus is to create and market an exciting new indoor sport called Sky Flying ™ and to provide a realistic skydiving and freefall simulator for skydiver and military training.

CONTACT: Marissa Partners LLC Bruce Federici, 909/615-3052 [email protected]



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