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SkyVenture Arizona Open for Business

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All the employees of SkyVenture Arizona are delighted to announce that the world’s largest indoor wind tunnel is now officially open for business! We believe the moment you enter the flight chamber for the first time you will agree that this fantastic facility was worth the wait!

Whether you come as an individual or part of a team, we know that this new tunnel will meet and exceed all of your expectations. With the totally round 14 foot diameter flight chamber, four quiet and powerful electric engines, and new airflow design, we are confident that you will find this new tunnel to be the best training aid available anywhere!

To mark our opening, for a limited time, we have special low hourly rates for you! Because we are a part of the Skydive Arizona family (www.Skydiveaz.com) we have the best coaching for every skydiving need. Our great group of newly trained tunnel instructors is always here to assist you as well as instructors from the Arizona Training Center. Members of Skydive Arizona's World Championship team, Arizona Airspeed, (www.Airspeed.org) will also be holding tunnel camps, skills camps, team and individual world class coaching as well! In addition, Airspeed will be holding weekly tunnel coaching sessions throughout the year (more on those in our next email).

Whether your goal is to become a better and safer skydiver, to have some fun, to compete, or to become a world champion, the wind tunnel at Skyventure Arizona is another great reason to come to the sun. Heck, now you don't even need that!
We look forward to flying with you, soon!

For more information please visit our web site, www.Skyventureaz.com, or call us at 1-888-BODYFLY or 520-466-4640.



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