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Skyconcept Robbed - Needs Your Help

By adminon - Read 2160 times

We received an e-mail today from Skyconcept in Germany, that they are the victim of a robbery which occurred late last month. We feel we should get this information out there and try help them in recovering their stolen property. We are hoping that someone may have information that can lead to the recovery of the stolen gear. Below is a copy of the e-mail from Skyconcept.

"Dear skydivers and people,

In the night of the 27/28th september someone broke into the premises of the skydiving company SKYCONCEPT from Germany at the drop zone Skydive Westerwald – Airport – Auf der Hub 4 – D-35767 Breitscheid...

They have STOLEN our complete skydiving equipment.
Please take a look in attachment. There you find all details about the stolen harness/containers, main canopies, reserve canopies, AADs and other skydiving equipment.

If anyone in the world sees those items somewhere please contact directly Mr Sasha Manojlovic at:

Mobile: +49 ( 0 )177 205 8 267 or +49 ( 0 ) 177 650 5 371

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

If you see any piece of this equipement anywhere in the world please give us notice, all tips and notices that lead to the stolen equipment will be awarded with a value of 2000 EUR in various skydiving equipment.

Please send this mail to all skydivers of the world to public our list in the best way.

Thanks in advance.



In addition to this, Skyconcept have listed the stolen gear in our database, where the exact details of each item and their serial numbers can be located.




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