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German video man dies at Eloy Arizona

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A videographer from Germany died on Monday February 28, 2000 at Eloy Arizona. Early reports suggest that the incident happened because of a Spectra suspension line snagging under the grommet on the main loop retainer on a Javelin rig. The main loop retainer was attached to the reserve divider wall. Reports suggest that his reserve was deployed into the trailing mess resulting in a main-reserve entanglement.

Although the modes of malfunction was different this scenario is similar the incident on Saturday January 8, 2000 when James Martin a competitor in the Rumbleseat Meet at Perris Valley outside Los Angeles died during the first round of competition. James Martin spun in under a main-reserve entanglement after a suspension line snagged on the top main flap grommet. He was jumping a Reflex rig. This incident prompted Fliteline Systems to issue a Product Service Bulletin (PSB #FSI-SB-1004) for all Reflex containers.

Relative Workshop has issued a PSB (#20000302) for all Relative Workshop Vector I & II Harness/Container Systems that have a closing loop retainer that incorporates a grommet on a Type 12 webbing extension, attached to the reserve/main container divider wall. The changes involve removing the closing loop tab permanently from the reserve wall and using the bottom flap grommet for a closing loop attachment point with an added modification.

A similar incident occurred a few years ago in Australia and it is apparent that line hang ups have been happening more often than most people realize.

No further details are available at this time.



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