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Breast by far

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Cup a load of this, girls! Forget the Wonderbra, here comes the no-blunder bra. Gorgeous TV presenter Gabrielle Richens shows off her curves in a futuristic creation which promises to keep a firm grip on ample bosoms at very high speeds.

Designer Louise Cain, a keen skydiver, came up with the idea after seeing what effect the extreme sport had on well-endowed girls' assets.
G-Force Bra

The G-Force resistant bra uses shock-absorbing springs and hydraulics in its high-tech cups to prevent bounce.

It will also leave breasts the pairfect shape at any angle - even upside down.

Louise - who unveiled her prototype in London recently - said: "Skydiving does the most unflattering things to your chest. When I was pregnant my breasts ballooned to a double F but I still did a lot of sports. It left me wishing for something that would keep them under control.

"I also have a couple of large-breasted friends and one said after a night out clubbing, she was so painful from all the jumping around."

The 36-year-old, of Catford, south London, took inspiration from hit PlayStation 2 game WipEout, an anti-gravity racing simulation, and aimed to create a bra that responded to movement but also looked good.

The Bra

She added: "Every way you move, the springs and hydraulics work together to readjust and keep the bra's shape. We've had very positive feedback from those who have worn it. They couldn't believe it at first."

Sexy Gabrielle, 26, who presented Channel 5's Desert Forges and modelled for Asda, agreed. She even hailed it as the bust thing to happen for women since push-up bras.

The stunner said: "It feels fantastic and is incredibly comfortable. It gives great cleavage and is the type of bra you can where for sport because it keeps everything well contained.

"Push-up bras are actually quite uncomfortable and this is definitely an improvement."
Gorgeous Gabi models the no-blunder bra

Louise is now looking for support from lingerie manufacturers to get her sexy number out in front of shoppers. Two versions are planned, one for clubbing and one for sport.

But she hopes it will also prove a winner with female astronauts as it promises a firm round breast in any atmospheric pressure.

And if Gabrielle's planets are anything to go by, it's sure to send sales rocketing.

~ The Sun



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