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Air Ventures Skydiving is now Atlanta Air Sportz

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For those of you not aware, Air Ventures Skydiving is now Atlanta Air Sportz. Sandor Vali and myself are the new owners and we're looking forward to serving our skydivers with a new dz and a new persona. Our goal is to build a skydiver's dropzone! Our single objective is to promote our sport and to provide skydiver's with a place to hang out and have fun. Whether you have 10,000 skydives or 1 skydive ... you're a "skygod" to us. You will find no clichés or attitudes at our dz ... those things are intolerable here. We just want to enjoy skydiving and keep it relaxed and enjoyable.

As everyone is aware, skydiving in Rome, GA has had it's trials and tribulations. Well NO MORE! Rome has had both a good and bad reputation in several aspects. Well now it's ALL GREAT! At our dz, you will always get 13,500' skydives with no hassle and everyone eager to meet your needs. Skydiver's come first!

Over the next couple of months, you will see many changes at Atlanta Air Sportz including the additional covered packing area as well as a huge observation deck. One thing that is different is children are welcome. We will be building a playground specifically for your little ones. Yea ... you read that right. What a concept ... huh? A family atmosphere is what we're going for here. A new BIG building will be coming soon. Other additions include the completion of the swoop pond, a full service rigging loft to address all of your rigging needs on site, as well as other additions specifically for the "up-jumper". We will also be providing packing classes as well as license prep classes on a regular basis. USPA certification courses to be announced soon.

This weekend we are hosting the season opener of the Georgia Skydiving League as well as some additional events including a 4-way skills camp Sunday with David van Greuningen of PD Blue. There will be covered creeper area for this weekend and we will be flying Friday! Grab a couple of your friends and come out for the competition and the skills camp. Remember ... it's about fun ... whether you turn one point or 25, as long as you have a good time. That's what matters. We'll have homemade BBQ and Brunswick Stew and other good eating as well. Free beer Saturday night and a huge bonfire. Sandor & Randy (the "fire starters") will ensure that! We look forward to kicking off the season with a bang.

We aren't the biggest in Georgia and that's OK. We want to be a "home" for skydivers, in the tri-state area, who want to enjoy a laid back and relaxed environment. Please check out our new website www.airsportz.com. It is Under Construction so be patient however if you have comments or suggestions ...please let us know.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the RIPCORD CLUB! ( I figured we'd let your imagination run wild for a little while!)

Hope to see ya this weekend! Blue Skies.

Ron Green - rg@airsportz.com

Wanna Skydive? - Check our www.airsportz.com!

Email : iwannaskydive@airsportz.com



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