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AFF Training - Level 6

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Napoleon Skydiving Center: Level 6 - Solo Exit

You should now be able to spot and pack like a pro (if not, get on it before the next level). Under canopy try a ``maximum recovery flare'' by initiating a toggle turn and then bringing the other toggle down without letting up the first one (but try it up high).


  • Brief pilot with assistance.

  • Spotting direct to pilot.

  • Perform a stable poised exit without assistance (solo, no-contact, with
    subterminal heading control).

  • Two backloops.

  • Tracking.

  • Wave off, then pull at or above 3000 feet.

Dive Flow

Running Description

Roach Hotel Check

Check In.

Exit Count

C-182 Prop, Up, Down, Arch; Otter Center, Out, In, Arch.

Solo Exit

performed without the jumpmaster assisting in stability. Remember to arch
hard on leaving. If stability is lost, recover using arch. Inversion recovery
can be performed by briefly folding one arm across the chest to initiate
a roll in that direction.

JM Demonstrates Backloop.

Get eye contact with the JM. He/she will initiate a backloop by drawing
legs in and swinging arms using a large circular motion.

Perform Backloop.

Initiate by drawing legs in extending arms out and then down past legs using
a circular motion. Recover to arch as you see green (ground) again. Repeat.


by first getting a ground reference on the horizon. Face the reference and
extend legs to straight out at knees. At the same time bring arms down and
back until they are straight at the elbows and even with the lower back.
Continue to arch at the hips and chest. Slowly recover to box man position
by 4500 feet.

Wave Off at 4000 feet.

Pull by 3500 feet.

Primary Canopy Check

Shape, Spin, Speed, Twist.

Release Toggles

Secondary Canopy Check

Slider, Endcells, Tears, Lines.

Controllability Check

turns and flares OK.

Canopy Control

halfway down, halfway back.

Setup For Landing

Downwind at 1000', Base at 500', Final at 200'.


at 10', feet and knees together, PLF if necessary.

Collapse the Canopy, Field Pack, and Return.

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