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AFF Training - Level 5

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Napoleon Skydiving Center: Level 5 - Turns to Redock II

This level is like the last but the turns are 360 degrees and the amount of forward motion is greater. You should be assisting with the spot in the aircraft and with packing on the ground. Under canopy practice a "collision avoidance" maneuver by turning using a front or rear riser prior to releasing
your toggles.


  • 360 degree turns (one before each redock).

  • Forward movement and docking without assistance.

  • Control of all 3 axes (Pitch, Yaw, and Roll).

  • Wave off, then pull at or above 3000 feet.

Dive Flow

Running Description

Roach Hotel Check: Check In.

Exit Count: C-182 Prop, Up, Down, Arch; Otter Center, Out, In, Arch.

HAM Check: Heading, Altimeter, Main JM.

JM Gripswitch: Jumpmaster switches from side to front.

More Maneuvers? Yes if above 6000, else no.

360 degree Turns: one before each redock.

Forward to Redock.

More Maneuvers? Yes if above 6000, else no.

Wave Off: at 4500 feet.

Pull: at 4000 feet.

Primary Canopy Check: Shape, Spin, Speed, Twist.

Release Toggles

Secondary Canopy Check: Slider, Endcells, Tears, Lines.

Controllability Check: Turns and flares OK.

Canopy Control: Halfway down, halfway back.

Setup For Landing: Downwind at 1000', Base at 500', Final at 200'.

Flare: at 10', feet and knees together, PLF if necessary.

Collapse the Canopy, Field Pack, and Return.

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