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AFF Training - Level 4

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Napoleon Skydiving Center: Level 4 - Turns to Redock

Congrats, you are halfway through the AFF program. In the aircraft you should
be paying careful attention to the spotting procedures. On the ground, you
should be well along learning how to do a JMPI and packing. Under canopy
try using risers (front and rear) for control up high.

Though you are still a student, you should start preparing for the time
when you will be off student status and jumping on your own. Safe skydiving
requires good equipment. Begin talking with your instructors and other jumpers about what type of equipment you should purchase. It is recommended
that you start by ordering an appropriately sized jumpsuit, helmet, goggles
and altimeter. In fact, you can begin using these items before you complete the AFF program.


  • Start and stop controlled turns.

  • Forward motion to redock.

  • Wave off, then pull at or above 3000 feet.

Dive Flow

Running Description

Roach Hotel Check: Check In, but no check out.

Exit Count: C-182 Prop, Up, Down, Arch; Otter Center, Out, In, Arch.

HAM Check: Heading, Altimeter, Main JM.

JM Gripswitch: Jumpmaster switches from side to front.

More Maneuvers? Check Altimeter, if above 6000 feet signal with a nod yes. If below 6000 feet signal with a head shake no. In either case, JM has the final authority.

90 degree Turns: performed using a combination of bending and tilting the upper body. Initiate
by looking over the arm in the direction of the turn. Bend upper body toward the turn at the waist and tilt shoulders by raising the shoulder opposite the direction of the turn by 3--4 inches. Keep arms in the same position at the shoulders and elbows, all motion should originate at the waist. Recover to box man as new heading is attained.

Forward to Redock: At the completion of the 2nd turn, the JM will back up from 5--10 feet.
Move forward by extending legs at the knees and bending arms at the shoulders. Keep elbows locked at 90 degrees. Hold position until redocked on JM, then recover to boxman.

More Maneuvers? Yes if above 6000, else no.

Wave Off: at 4500 feet by crossing hands above head twice with a large sweeping motion
of the arms.

Pull: at 4000 feet.

Primary Canopy Check: Shape, Spin, Speed, Twist.

Release Toggles, Secondary Canopy Check, Controlability Check.

Canopy Control: halfway down, halfway back. Flare at 10 feet, knees together, PLF if necessary.

Collapse the Canopy, Field Pack, and Return.

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