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AFF Training - Level 3

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Napoleon Skydiving Center: Level 3 - Release Dive

This is the last of the two jumpmaster levels. If things go well, your jumpmasters
will let go of you and you'll be skydiving unassisted for the 5-5 and pull.
Stay relaxed and maintain a good arch. Pay careful attention during the
pre-jump gear checks since you will soon have to know how to do one on your
own. Likewise begin observing the packing procedure. Under canopy you should
try a stall above 2000'. After you successfully complete this level, you
should become a USPA member by filling out the application provided at


  • Leg awareness and control modes.

  • Heading maintenance.

  • Hover control.

  • Unassisted solo pull at or above 3000 feet.

Dive Flow

Running Description

Hotel Check: Check In, Check Out.

Exit Count: C-182 Prop, Up, Down, Arch; Otter Center, Out, In, Arch.

HARM Check: Heading, Altimeter, Reserve JM, Main JM.

PRCT: Arch, Look, Reach, Touch, Check.

Toe Taps: Tap toes together twice to insure leg awareness.

Short Circles: to maintain altitude awareness.

Hover Control and Heading Maintaince: using principles of turning and forward motion.

5-5 Signal: at 5500 feet.

Pull: Arch, Look, Reach, Pull, Check at 5000 feet.

Primary Canopy Check: Shape, Spin, Speed, Twist.

Release Toggles

Secondary Canopy Check: Slider, Endcells, Tears, Lines.

Controllability Check: turns and flares OK.

Canopy Control: halfway down, halfway back.

Setup For Landing: Downwind at 1000', Base at 500', Final at 200'.

Flare: at 10', feet and knees together, PLF if necessary.

Collapse the Canopy, Field Pack, and Return.

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