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Two New Suits from Squirrel

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Squirrel have recently released two new products to their wingsuit inventory, with an entry level wingsuit called the Hatch and an advanced wingsuit called the Colugo 2. The Colugo 2 was announced for release in June, but was delayed until the Redbull Aces event, which saw the testing of technology included in the suit. Andy Farrington who was flying a Squirrel prototype which included this new new technology found in the Colugo 2 came first in the event.

Colugo 2

The original Colugo suit was met with positive reviews from owners of the suit, with many noting how quick it was to start in a BASE environment. The Colugo 2 has taken the strengths of its predecessor and included new technology and enhancements in order to make it an even stronger wingsuit. The Colugo 2 has a smaller surface area than the original with a slight change in the arm wing design. These changes were made to increase the efficiency of the profile and leading edge. Squirrel advise that while the Colugo 2 is an ideal choice for experienced wingsuit BASE jumpers, the Aura remains the best suit for more technical exit points. The Colugo looks to be great for both BASE jumpers and skydivers, with the suit catering well to glider-performance focused based jumps and skydive flocking. A better trim speed and glide range makes the Colugo 2 fly both further and faster than the original Colugo wingsuit.

The handling of the C2 is said to be far superior to that of the original Colugo, with a thinner profile and more efficient leading edge. The C2 is all about speed as well, with the reduced surface area and less drag - you can expect to experience higher speed than those produced by the Colugo.

The Colugo 2 from Squirrel is an agile mid to large sized wingsuit that aims to provide high performance flying in a competitive slalom environment, focusing on carving and speed. Though the suit is also able to provide pilots with quality floating.

One of new features on the Colugo 2 is the AFLE (Andy Farrington Leading Edge), as they've called it. The AFLE is a new design of the leading edge, where the arm zipper on the wing chord has been moved to increase the amount of 'effective edge', in turn improviding the shape and smoothness - which then increases performance.

Pre-orders are now open with the suit expecting to ship by the end of August.

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The new Hatch suit focuses primarily on being the easiest suit to fly, aimed at beginner wingsuiters who are looking for something easy, comfortable but also reliable. The Hatch has many of the features found on the other Squirrels suits, including the RAD system, tri-layer leading edge construction, reinforced inlets and innie-outie zips. The Hatch doesn't require cutaway cables, and in turn allows for direct access to the risers and brakes during and after deployment. A safety feature that Squirrel feel is vital to every wingsuit. The leading edge of the suit is said to be based on the tried and tested method Squirrel have used in their other suits of combining both comfort and performance.

The Hatch is certainly aimed at those looking to purchase their first wingsuit and for skydivers that are new to wingsuiting. Though Squirrel seek to stress that the Hatch is not only for beginners and is a competent flyer in situations where agility and versatility are required. It is also recommended as a good suit for more advanced wingsuit pilots who may be new to backflying or acrobatics and are looking for a comfortable, low surface area suit to practice with.

Prior to the release of the Hatch, the Swift seemed to be Squirrel's go to suit for less experienced pilots looking for something easy to fly. It will be interesting to see how the two suits hold up against each other.

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