NeoXs - The new audible altimeter by Parasport

    Introduced last February at the 2007 PIA Symposium in Reno, the NeoXs Audible Altimeter is finally available!
    The new Parasport audible has been designed to be inserted directly in the inner pouch of a helmet
    without requiring any option. The small size and the reduced thickness of the aluminium case of this instrument allows a perfect fit in almost every helmet, full face or open face.
    The wide size LCD is protected by a polycarbonate screen thick enough to avoid damages to the display. The NeoXs offers up to 7 distinct alarms with different powerful audible signals:
    3 alarms for freefall warning altitudes
    3 alarms for canopy warning altitudes
    1 countdown timer The freefall warnings are set with 100 feet (25 meters) increments. The canopy warnings are set with 10 feet (5 meters) increments.
    The loud alarms can be adjusted to be clear in any condition. Freefall alarms and canopy alarms have different volume settings too.
    The NeoXs is easily programmable on the ground or while climbing to altitude. Even easier to switch among the 4 customizable preset user profiles, storing warning altitudes for different uses (formation skydiving, freefly, tandem, AFF, and so on).
    By using its intuitive user interface and the ergonomic Navigation Switch you can easily control all the functions of the NeoXs.
    The NeoXs is currently available in 3 different colors: Lava Red, Aluminium Grey, and Night Black.
    For any further information or documentation do not hesitate to contact us.

    Microprocessor based audible altimeter
    Wide size LCD
    Intuitive user interface
    Ergonomic Navigation Switch
    Aluminium case
    Real time altitude indicator
    Up to three separate freefall altitude warnings
    Freefall warning altitude set with 100 feet (25 meters) increments
    Freefall altitude warnings go off only at freefall speed
    Up to three separate low speed altitude warnings
    Low speed altitude warning set with 10 feet (5 meters) increments
    Powerful audible signals, distinct and easily recognizable
    Countdown timer
    Up to 4 customizable user profiles
    Self-calibration (manual reset allowed) self-test, no power-on, ultra-low consumption
    Easily programmable on the ground or while climbing to altitude
    Batteries: 1 x CR2450
    Size 39 x 55 x 12 mm
    Available in Lava Red, Aluminium Grey, Night Black

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    Service Bulletin - Quasar II

    SERVICE BULLETIN #26 - ISSUE DATE: April 18, 2007
    SUBJECT: Quasar II, P/N115100, Quasar II Trainer P/N115102,
    Military Quasar II P/N 115103.
    Quasar II Reserve pilot chute launch under conditions with main canopy still in
    main container.
    IDENTIFICATION: All Quasar II harness/container systems. Including both
    Quasar IIs with ‘Flinger/PRO’ (Positive Reserve Opening) assembly installed as
    original installation or modification, and those without.
    STATUS: Mandatory removal of ‘Flinger’/PRO assembly and replacement of
    inner sub-flap with pilot chute Base Plate and pilot chute before next jump.
    BACKGROUND: Recent on-the-ground activations of several Quasar II reserve
    containers with the main canopy still in the container, showed slow or impeded
    pilot chute activation. There have been no reports of in-air incidents. Repeated
    tests with the main tray open and riser covers off (simulating an open main to
    reserve cutaway), resulted in clean reserve pilot chute deployments clearing the
    reserve container. Further testing revealed the steel ‘Flinger’/PRO assembly may
    take a set beyond the designed acceptable range, restricting movement of the side
    flaps and reserve pilot chute.
    SERVICE BULLETIN: As a precautionary measure, Strong Enterprises requests
    that all Quasar II systems be returned to Strong Enterprises for modification, that
    Removal of the steel ‘Flinger’/PRO assembly.
    Top sub-flap replacement (improved with a Base Plate.)
    Pilot chute replacement. STRONG ENTERPRISES


    ORLANDO, FL 32837

    Tel 407 859 9317

    Fax 407 850 6978

    [email protected]

    Download the Service Bulletin (PDF)

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    RSL Removal on the Javelin/Javelin Odyssey

    This letter dated February 27, 2007 from Sun Path Products, Inc. addresses the issue of Reserve Static Line Removal on the Javelin/Javelin Odyssey. Download the Letter from SunPath.

    Reserve Static Line (RSL) and the Javelin/Javelin Odyssey
    Reference: This letter supersedes SPP letter regarding removal of the reserve
    static line (RSL) dated 16 May 2005.
    1. Is the RSL a part of the TSO’ed components of the system?
    2. Can any or all of the RSL components (RSL lanyard, hook Velcro on
    reserve riser, guide rings on pin flap and main riser RSL ring) be
    removed from a Javelin/Javelin Odyssey without voiding the TSO?
    YES, however the FAA determines this to be an "alteration". This means
    that only a master parachute rigger can perform this action. (Ref. AC105-2c)
    Once the master rigger removes the requested RSL components, the
    alteration must be noted on both the packing data card and the master
    parachute riggers log book.
    3. Does removal of the RSL void the TSO?
    YES, this only applies if someone OTHER than an FAA master parachute
    rigger or foreign equivalent removes any RSL components, or the removal of
    the components is not logged on the packing data card.
    4. Who can pack a reserve in a Javelin/Javelin Odyssey without a RSL?
    As long as a master parachute rigger has indicated the removal of the
    components, (i.e. lanyard, rings, Velcro) on the packing data card, any senior
    or master rigger or foreign equivalent can repack the reserve.
    5. Who can pack a main in a Javelin/Javelin Odyssey without a RSL?
    As long as a master parachute rigger has indicated the removal of the
    components, (i.e. lanyard, rings, Velcro) on the packing data card, any senior
    or master rigger or foreign equivalent, anyone under the direct supervision of
    the afore mentioned or the person making the next jump can repack the
    5. If I am a senior rigger and I get a Javelin/Javelin Odyssey to repack
    that has any or all RSL components removed, what do I do?
    The senior rigger will need to check the packing data card to see if the
    appropriate entries have been made. If yes, then the rig is "legal" to be
    packed by a senior rigger. If not, the rig will need to be taken to a master
    rigger who can approve the alteration and note the removal of the
    components. The master riggers data card/log book notation is only
    certifying the alteration.
    6. Who is authorized to remove the RSL and when?
    Only a Master parachute rigger or foreign equivalent can permanently remove
    the RSL components thus altering the TSO’ed system.
    The user can "disengage" the RSL lanyard by disconnecting the snap
    shackle, if in an emergency situation or to avoid a possible emergency
    situation ONLY. The owner/jumper (unless a master
    rigger) is not authorized to permanently remove the RSL lanyard.
    Sun Path Products, Inc. position on the removal of the RSL components remains
    unchanged. "Permanent removal of this part is highly discouraged and NOT
    recommended". However we do acknowledge situations that the user may wish
    to have the RSL components removed from the system or not have the system
    installed with the components at all. Therefore this guidance should serve as
    reference for fielded systems as well as new assemblies.
    Systems manufactured after Feb 2007, come with the RSL/Collins lanyard as
    standard items. This incorporates the Marine eye reserve ripcord, Curved
    Reserve Pin with lanyard and the RSL/Collins lanyard.
    The Skyhook can be added by the manufacturer as an option by adding the Red
    Skyhook lanyard to the RSL/Collins lanyard and corresponding skyhook on the
    reserve bridle.
    An alteration to the RSL/Collins lanyard on the post Feb. 2007 rigs will require a
    terminal pin reserve ripcord which must be replaced with factory TSO’ed
    components only. *** (reference Pg 6. of the Javelin/Javelin Odyssey Owners
    Manual Rev. 2 Issue 01 March 2007)
    Download the Letter from SunPath
    Dave Singer


    Sun Path Products, Inc.
    Derek Thomas


    Sun Path Products, Inc.
    Sun Path Products, Inc. * 4439 Skydive Lane * Zephyrhills, FL33542
    Phone 813-782-9242 * FAX 813-788-3057 * www.sunpath.com

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    Argus AAD - Mandatory cutter replacement

    Product Service Bulletin

    Issue date: 2 December 2006

    Bulletin number: SB AMM021206/1

    Subject: Mandatory cutter replacement in Mirage rigs
    Argus Cutter PN# ARG001CUT manufactured for Aviacom SA by Nobel Energetics.
    As part of our evaluation program, the Argus was installed in an RTS M7 Mirage and made 46 jumps.
    When opening the reserve container the loop was frayed around the area it was going through the cutter.
    The plastic insert was damaged at some point during closing.
    Further investigation showed that the damage was due to the typical set-up of the cutter on top of the
    concave pilot chute cap modification that the Mirage has since May 2005.
    This damage only occurred with the Mirage
    After consulting Mirage Systems we decided to replace the cutters in all Mirage rigs with a modified insertless
    cutter that has meanwhile been intensively tested and does not cause any damage whatsoever.
    Service bulletin:
    The "old" cutter with the plastic insert must be returned to Aviacom SA for replacement. The new cutter will
    be shipped as soon as we have received the old one.
    The new cutter is easily identified by the safety seal on the body. The date of manufacturing is November
    2006 or later.
    Any senior or master rigger or foreign equivalent can unscrew the cutter and replace the old cutter with the
    modified one. The connector must be locked hand tight in order to ensure the water resistance.
    Compliance date:
    Before the next jump, but no later than June 30th 2007.
    In order not to create confusion, all Argus cutters manufactured before November 2006 and not sporting a
    safety seal on the body must be mandatory replaced before June 30th, 2007. The cutters will be replaced
    free of charge.
    You can download the full service bulletin: http://dbc.landingpage.be/475/SBAMM021206_1.pdf

    For a video clip of the new cutter check: http://www.argus-aad.com/media/Downloads/MVI_0552.avi
    Dropzone.com Editors Note:
    Please note that while the official subject of this service bulleting is "Mandatory cutter replacement in Mirage rigs" that in fact "all Argus cutters manufactured before November 2006 and not sporting a safety seal on the body must be mandatory replaced" as mentioned in the comments in the full bulletin. The subject as at very least confusing.
    Please download the entire Service Bulleting from the link above and read this forum post for a response from Mirage Syatems.

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    New ownership for Aerodyne Research

    As reported earlier our former owners eliminated the parachute business from their holdings. The factory in Durban, South Africa, was sold to the Zodiac group together with the military product catalogue.
    Aerodyne is happy to announce that we have organized new owners for Aerodyne Research and the line of Aerodyne sports products. We are pleased to welcome Vidar Antonsen and Ole Petter Hjelle (Ole Petter is the team captain of the Norwegian national FS4 team Arcteryx) as members of the Aerodyne team. Both are from Norway and active skydivers themselves. Although, they will not be involved with the daily management, we view this as a positive development for the company to have their support and assist Aerodyne Research to become an even stronger player in the parachute industry.
    President Edward "Bushman" Anderson reports: "Right now we are setting up a new manufacturing facility in the Durban area, in South Africa. The facility will be located in a brand new air-conditioned building and we are installing state of the art machinery. We are also very fortunate to be able to retain many key staff members. Our current Technical Director Dominic Hayhurst will be the Managing Director of Aerodyne Research Manufacturing.
    At the same time we have teamed up with Aero Tech in Florida for the production of the Icon harness-container system. Aero Tech is a very professional operation headed by Terry Pike who has more than 30 years experience in the industry. Thiago Muradas, who is a co-designer of the Icon and has been involved with production and R&D; from the start, will supervise training and production."
    Aerodyne expects that the changes in production can be implemented smoothly and swiftly but has taken measures to ensure steady supply to its distribution partners. Arnold Collenteur, director of European sales, explains: ". In addition to main canopies and Smart reserves, we now stock Icon container systems. These Icons come with a harness finished to the custom measurements provided with the order. This way our distributors are able sell complete systems to our customers this summer, and deliver in a matter of weeks. Aerodyne is one of the few sport parachute manufacturers that can supply complete systems to our customer's specific needs."

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    Mirage Ground Launch Systems

    Ground Launching is the newest and fastest growing sport in the swooping community! Foot launching parachutes is relatively easy but having the proper equipment and training will save you alot of time.
    After years of research and development Jim Slaton started the Ground Launching Center (GLC) and teamed up with NZ Aerosports in New Zealand to develop parachutes specifically for ground launching called the Daedalus GLX and GLS. Now Jim has teamed up with Mirage Systems to develop the Mirage Ground Launch system.
    The Mirage GLX is the top of the line fully loaded ground launch harness that is lightweight and reversible. The GLX comes in blue & black mini diamond material, adjustable harness, risers, multiple riser attachment points, quick link hardware, backpack system, extra pockets on outside of harness, extra padding on shoulders and the harness inverts to become backpack.
    The harness forms a seat and the risers can be conneted to the GLX's lower or upper attachment points. This gives pilots the option between flying in the hanging position like a skydiving harness or the siting position like a paragliding harness.
    The Mirage ground launch harness comes in two styles for all your launching needs. These models are kept on the shelf and typically shipped the same day. The retail price of the new Mirage GLX is $695.00 and available in small, medium, large and extra large. For more information contact Jim Slaton at [email protected] or check out http://www.canopypiloting.com/mirageGLX.htm

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    PD Announces Price Increase & New Pricing Policy

    In response to escalating costs in petroleum-based raw materials, as well as the impact of continual rising costs of other supplies and overhead expenses, Performance Designs, Inc. is implementing a price increase effective June 23, 2006.
    "We've experienced increases of more than 20% in some areas," said John LeBlanc, PD Vice President. "PD has absorbed these steadily rising costs for as long as possible, but it is time to make what has come to be an inevitable price increase on our products. Knowing that our dealers face many of the same cost pressures, we anticipate the same increases will be passed along to the skydivers."
    In a related move, PD is modifying its pricing policy to be wholesale-based rather than discount-based.
    "This means that while the suggested retail price will remain the same, wholesale prices will be increased on a canopy-by-canopy basis. We are pricing our canopies based on our costs - which our ERP software allows us to measure for each canopy - and using that to determine the wholesale price to our dealers," LeBlanc continued. "We expect PD dealers to begin quoting prices in fixed dollar amounts instead of a discount off of suggested retail, because that is how we are setting our prices to our dealers."
    Rob Wilson, PD Marketing Manager, added, "For a long time, skydivers have had to calculate the percentage discount, figure out what that means in terms of price, and then shop around for the 'best' price. We believe the market would benefit from a more straightforward approach to pricing - moving from bothersome calculations to simply: 'this is the price.'"
    "We understand the sensitivity to prices," he continued. "But there is another part of the purchase equation called value. We believe that skydivers know that canopies manufactured to international quality standards, that go through multiple levels of inspection throughout production, that are development-tested more than any other canopies in the world and that use the best materials money can buy results in a stronger, better performing and longer lasting canopy.
    "For skydivers seeking such quality, value far outweighs price considerations. That is what we will be focusing on in the coming months and years - quality has a price, and it is well worth it."
    "Part of our goal is to help the dealers take the focus off of price discounting and put it on helping the skydiver become a better skydiver. Making sure they are getting the right canopy for their skill level and their progression in the sport is a whole lot more important than shaving a few dollars off the price", said Wilson. "This simplified dollar-based approach to pricing is a step in the right direction."
    "The key thing is to call your PD dealer, use that conversation to make sure the canopy you want is right for you. And then get the purchase price", he said.
    Performance Designs, Inc. is the world's premier sport canopy manufacturer, setting the standard for innovative design, unmatched quality of materials and manufacturing excellence. PD's premise of "the dream of flight" is enjoyed by skydivers on 5 continents across all disciplines. PD products are preferred by skydiving professionals for their superior flight characteristics and performance capabilities. To learn more about PD products and services, or to find the PD dealer near you, visit PD's website at www.performancedesigns.com

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    Triax Productions' new Triax T-Stake

    The Triax T-Stake is a revolutionary new packing multi-tool for both B.A.S.E. jumpers and skydivers. Designed by Triax Productions, the creators of the popular "Continuum" B.A.S.E. jumping DVD series, the Triax T-Stake is of use to anyone who packs their rig outdoors, and is trying to maximize the safety and heading performance of their canopy openings. A full explanation of the Triax T-Stake's features and a link to a short informational video clip can be found below in the article.
    The Triax T-Stake
    As the name implies, the "T-shaped" Triax T-Stake is a tool designed to make your B.A.S.E. and skydiving packing experience easier, faster, neater, and more organized by combining all of your tools into one. "We felt that this product could provide a 'missing link' in the jumping community," said Kenyon Salo, one of the B.A.S.E. jumpers that came up with the idea to design the tool earlier this year. "The Triax T-Stake was a lot of fun to design because we had full creative control from the bottom up, and being end users of the Triax T-Stake, we were able to base our design criteria on literally thousands of pack jobs worth of experience." Salo later added; "I really think that the world is a better place because of the Triax T-Stake. I know it's helped me become a better person!"
    Design Features:

    A specially designed "T-shaped" stake offering many different ways to secure your rig (or multiple rigs) while packing
    Light, durable and compact for easy use and mobility needs.
    Both 7mm (for most skydiving rigs) and 9mm (for most BASE jumping rigs) built-in wrench slots for your French (rapide) links for an easier time of changing slider configurations.
    A classic bottle opener for that cold beer (or soda?) after a long day of jumping.
    Bridge Day 2005
    Triax Productions officially unveiled the Triax T-Stake in October at Bridge Day 2005 in Fayetteville, West Virginia, one of the few legal B.A.S.E. jumping events held in the United States each year. Overall, the Triax T-Stake was found to be a huge success at Bridge Day. Jumpers were seen using it all over the packing areas properly staking their leg straps, three rings or risers to securely anchor their rig for supreme line tension, at the same time providing adequate line separation while packing. During the event, the bottle opener function of the Triax T-Stake was put to the test with an estimated one thousand beers opened in a two-night period. Additionally, the crafty Bridge Day 2005 B.A.S.E. jumpers discovered yet another use for the Triax T-Stake-shot-gunning beers.
    Bridge Day Video Fest
    The pressure was on at this year's Bridge Day Video Fest for Triax Productions to defend their first place win in 2004. Although their entry did not win them a prize, as a way to introduce a little humor into a night of some serious B.A.S.E. movies, Triax Productions debuted their "T-Stake Infomercial," (directed and edited by Chris Pope). The entry went over as an audience favorite and has since become a cult hit. Popular demand has dictated that Triax Productions make their "T-Stake infomercial" available online, and it can now be viewed on the company's web page, http://www.triaxproductions.com/ [The infomercial is in Windows Media format and takes about a minute to download for an average broadband connection] Triax Productions would like to offer hearty congratulations for the winners at this year's Video Fest!
    The Triax T-Stake and Skydiving
    Although designed primarily for B.A.S.E., skydivers have also taken a liking to the Triax T-Stake. Not all skydivers have the luxury of being able to pack indoors all of the time, and for some, particularly on the boogie or swooping circuit, it's a rarity. The Triax T-Stake works equally well for skydiving rigs as it does for B.A.S.E. rigs, making the whole process of getting on with your pack job faster and cleaner, instead of scrounging around for a weight.
    Where to see the Triax T-Stake
    If you weren't lucky enough to be at Bridge Day this year, and want to get more information on purchasing a product, the Triax T-Stake, along with the company's DVD releases and apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies, and chick-tees have been made available for purchase at the Triax Productions web site.

    About Triax Productions
    Triax Productions was founded in 2002 and is made up of Colorado B.A.S.E. jumpers/skydivers Damian Doucette, Chris Pope, and Kenyon Salo. They offer stock footage and complete package action/adventure videography services on their website, counting aerial stunts and camera operation among their many talents. Triax Productions has also been producing some of the world's best B.A.S.E. jumping DVD/videos on the market, including their popular "Continuum" and "Continuum II: Tales From the Edge" DVDs, as well as the Bridge Day event videos for both 2004 and 2005. The Triax crew has just released the 2005 Bridge Day DVD and is currently in production of "Continuum III," tentatively slated for release in September/October of 2006. Plans for the Bridge Day 2006 event DVD are also in the works.
    FFI/contact: http://www.triaxproductions.com/

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    Aerodyne re-invents itself with a stronger focus on the sport market

    Prompted also by the sale of the Durban based factory, Aerodyne Research Corporation in Tampa, Florida, has decided to move forward and find new investors for its expanding sport parachute business. "The previous owners were operating at a distance and could not provide us with the support we need to channel the growth of our sales", reports President Edward "Bushman" Anderson. "We have found a positive group of investors who are actually interested in developing Aerodyne Research into a stronger and more cohesive unit with a concentrated focus on sport parachute products."
    Anderson sees this change of ownership as an opportunity to put together a new and modern manufacturing facility, which will not have a mix of military and sport products. This means both engineering and production can focus on common goals and objectives. "It will allow us to concentrate our efforts and become one of the bigger players in the sport market", predicts Anderson.
    Aerodyne's sales so far this year have been above projected forecasts and the company attributes this to the ability of providing stock canopies at a lower price than custom, as well as to the carefully maintained stock levels. Over the summer the company will run a pilot program to sell stock Icon harness-container systems. These will have fully articulated (hip and chest rings) harnesses, which will be custom finished for the customer's body size.
    Anderson: "We believe we are one of the few manufacturers capable of doing this due to the unique geometry of the Icon harness. It is also important to recognize that the Icon comes standard with all popular features, so there is no need to order additional options. These stock Icons will have everything from stainless steel hardware to spacer foam back pads."
    For the most part it is business as usual. Aerodyne anticipates strong sales of stock over the summer again, as experienced in past seasons, and this will give the possibility of ramping up the new facility so as to address custom orders later in the year. It would seem that in the summer, when the weather is good, people want their gear as soon as possible and only "now" will do for them… We believe that our typical Pilot, Smart & Icon combination from one source and with a single order from stock, will present customers and distributors with the best alternative when choosing their new equipment this summer.

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    Aerodyne announces the market release of the Mamba canopy

    The Aerodyne Mamba is the ultimate high performance 9 cell elliptical designed with the more experienced pilot in mind that isn't looking for all the costs and pack volume issues associated with cross braced canopies. It is intended to compete with canopies like the Katana and Crossfire.
    Edward "Bushman" Anderson, President of Aerodyne Research, describes how the Mamba came into existence: "This product is the result of 2 years of continued Research & Development and test jumping, with the final version of prototype being test jumped in cooperation with the Norwegian 4-way team Arcteryx. The team has approximately 1500 jumps on the Katana and therefore had a good platform to relate to, whilst evaluating the Mamba."
    With a planform factor of 22.1 and an aspect ratio of 2.7:1 the Mamba is one of the most elliptical wings on the market today. As a comparison, the Pilot has a planform factor of 6.6 and the Vision 14.7. Despite its aggressive taper, the Mamba sports unparalleled openings and provides the jumper with a smooth controlled snivel & maximum forgiveness during inflation. It is extremely responsive to toggle input.
    One of the most impressive features of the Mamba is the glide ratio. Recent tests against other high performance canopies show that the Mamba has a definite advantage in this performance arena. With the Mamba a jumper will increase the ability to get back from long spots and have the absolute longest swoop landings ever experienced under a non cross braced wing.
    The Mamba has light toggle and riser pressure, allowing the jumper to explore all avenues of available control input and to maximize the performance of this new wing. By utilizing the light front riser pressure one can continue to increase both the speed with steep but controlled dives. The flare on the Mamba is powerful and easy to read, leaving you with total control of pitch angle. "From the moment you start your flare you will easily be able to gauge your distance and landing speed.
    Experienced canopy pilots will find that the Mamba is easy to land while maximizing their swoop distance and control.", so reports Ole Petter Hjelle, team captain of Arcteryx. "Our team member Tore Buer has already flown the Mamba during swoop competitions and put respectable scores on the board!"
    Design Features

    Fully Elliptical Planform - Provides phenomenal flight performance and landings.
    Pre Shaped Nose - Improved inflation and aerodynamics.
    Zero Porosity Fabric - Provides increased durability & longevity
    700 lb HMA Line - Provides exacting tolerance on line trims.
    Aspect Ratio - 2.7:1
    Planform Factor - 22.1
    Available Sizes
    90, 96, 104, 111, 117, 124, 132, 140 and 150 sq ft.
    The retail price of the Mamba is fixed at $ 1999 and we are taking orders now.
    Aerodyne International

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