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Norwegian Military Upgrades Gear - Surplus for Sale

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The Norwegian Defence Force recently replaced all their parachute systems and in turn sold their surplus gear to a company (Alfa Nordic AS) which is now looking to sell the large collection of Performance Designs and Parachutes de France items. There were originally 120 main canopies and 120 reserves for sale, with the current inventory selling quickly.

The canopies are said to be in good condition with the majority having around 100 jumps on them with only a few with more than 200 jumps, and many of the reserves are still in their original plastic bag. The DOM for the mains and reserves are between September and October 2001. Any damaged canopies that were found in the original batch have been removed from the sales pool and as of yet there have been no returns on any of the sold items.

The canopies have reportedly been and are currently being stored in boxes on pallets, covered with thick transparent plastic in a dry and warm storage area in Norway. Alfa Nordic’s main building is located in Hokksund, Norway with the rigger being located in Voss.

The items originally listed as for sale include:

Performance Designs:

  • Navigator 220

  • Navigator 240

  • Navigator 260

  • Navigator 280

For 4000NOK (about $635)

Parachutes de France:

  • Electra

  • Techno

For 1000NOK (about $159)

The current item availability can be viewed via Google Doc

Should you wish to make a purchase or enquiry you can contact Ron Holan at

[email protected]



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