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CYPRES acknowledged to be non-dangerous by US DOT

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According to international transport regulations, CYPRES is a NON-DANGEROUS good. This was investigated and determined by the National Authorities in Germany, Australia and Great Britain some time ago.

Due to a number of uncertainties occurring on American flights, it was also necessary to obtain a corresponding statement from the US DOT (Department of Transportation). We have now received such a determination from DOT, which confirms that the CYPRES is classified as non-dangerous. Southwest Airlines, as one of the most frequently used carriers by skydivers, is in the process of changing its internal instructions accordingly. If any difficulties with other airlines should arise, please refer them to:

Airtec GmbH

Attn.: Mr. Gerard R. Fetter

Tel.: +492953989946

F ax: +49 2953 1293

Email: AirtecGer@aol.com


SSK Industries, Inc.

Attn.: Mr. Cliff Schmucker

Tel.: 513-934-3201

F ax: 513-934-3208

Email: Cliff@SSKinc.com



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User Feedback

As of 2016 (give or take)
The batteries need to be in coach.
In other words you can NOT KNOWINGLY put your rigs in baggage or check your rig in.
Sorry, but more than a few traveling to SDA have found this out the hard way, as well as a few,... lets just say,... contraband issues involving the AAD issue as well.

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