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Birdman Announces Katana Wingsuit Release

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Just days after we brought you an article on the Ninja wingsuit by Birdman, they have come out with a press release for the anticipated Katana wingsuit. We mentioned the Katana in last weeks article, touching on whether or not the Katana was in fact a renaming of what was originally advertised as the Samurai, while in development. The Katana is Birdman's third wingsuit in their 2013 line, following the Blade III and Ninja. The Katana wingsuit has been developed by Jari Kuosma and Shin Ito and focuses on speed and distance, where as the Blade III was a flocking suit and the Ninja was an acrobatics suit.

The Katana wingsuit sports large wings and quatro-wing design with a drag reduction system which enhances the flow of air on the top of the wing, allowing for quicker speeds and longer distance in flight. The design still allows for quick and flat turns without having to maximize the surface area. Birdman wanted to develop a wingsuit that while being large, was extremely quick and at the same time capable of easy maneuverability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material with BIRDMAN DRS.

  • Emergency cut-away for arms.

  • 10 mm YKK zippers.

  • Reinforced 3D air-intakes with air-locks.

  • Hook knife pocket outside.

  • Two inner pockets.

  • Reinforced 2 mm thick leather bootie.

  • High collar.

  • 210D double coated extra sturdy nylon.

  • Semi- rigid long- and short ribs made from BoPET material.

  • Fully breathable inner lining for comfort.

  • Thick protective knee & bootie area.

  • Leading edge: Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material.

  • Thick, moisture absorbing back pad made from Spandex.

  • Large size erected air-inlets with airlocks.

  • Back deflector and leg wing DRS.

  • Semi-rigid and shaped leading edge.

  • 10 mm wide YKK zipper.

Sales for the Birdman Katana start in November 2013.

Birdman is a company with a long history in skydiving and was one of the first companies to produce wingsuits to skydivers, over a decade ago. The company is has undergone some changes after taking a hiatus and now pushing their new line of products in 2013.



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