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Alti-Force Sensor Pack - GoPro Addon

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With the increased popularity of action cameras over recent years it's not surprising that we've seen an increase in the manufacturing of third party hardware that makes use of the GoPro camera to add additional value to users. Hypoxic recently released their Turned On product, which allows skydivers to see whether or not their camera is recording or whether there's any errors, without having to ask their buddy.

The company Alti-Force has just released a product of their own that attaches to the GoPro camera and like the Turned On device, will seek to add some extra value to skydivers. When in use the Alti-Force Sensor Pack will be able to overlay information about your flight over the video. The device is able to record and display both altitude and the acceleration/G-Force of your jump.

The visual representation of Gs can be useful for those looking to maximize performance, by using the information to identifcal optimum body positioning and technique.


  • Subtitled video playback for your GoPro® camera

  • Altitude subtitles selectable as feet or meters

  • Acceleration G-force subtitles selectable as X-Y-Z axes or total magnitude

  • Compatible with GoPro® Hero4 Black and Silver, Hero3+ Black and Silver, or Hero3 Black

  • Fits in GoPro® cases with BacPac™ backdoor² (not included)


  • GoPro® Hero3 Black – YES – firmware v03.00

  • GoPro® Hero3+ Silver – YES – firmware v02.00

  • GoPro® Hero3+ Black – YES – firmware v02.00 | v03.00*

  • GoPro® Hero4 Silver – YES – firmware v02.00.00

  • GoPro® Hero4 Black – YES – firmware v02.00.00

All efforts will be made to maintain compatibility with future firmware versions but cannot be guaranteed

*v03.00 disables camera’s USB mode, use of memory card reader is required

Any that support .SRT subtitle files (check your player’s specifications)

  • Includes most TVs and VLC media player (for all OS platforms)

  • Video must be played via USB mode or memory card reader

  • If copied off camera, video .MP4 and subtitle .SRT files must be copied to same location

Note: Windows® Media Player and QuickTime do not support .SRT subtitles

Camera Modes

The Alti-Force Sensor Pack records data/subtitles in Video Mode only.

All standard video resolutions and frame rates are supported.

The Alti-Force Sensor Pack does not support Time Lapse and Looping video modes, and is disabled in all Photo modes.


Size: 2.36 x 1.38 x 0.40 in (60 x 35 x 10 mm)

Weight: <1 oz (18 g)


Standard camera voltage: 3.6v (powered from camera)

Minimal current draw: <2 mA typical

Tri-axial | ± 16 G’s | 0.1 G resolution


Absolute Pressure: 300 to 1100 mbar | ~0.1 mbar resolution

Altitude range: -2000 to 30,000 feet | 1 ft resolution

Pressure to Altitude conversion assumes standard conditions.

Sampling Rate

Hero 3/3+: approx 4.5 samples per second

Hero 4: approx 6.5 samples per second

Subtitle Settings

Altitude: Feet | Meters | Both | None

Acceleration: XYZ axes | Total magnitude | All | None

G-bar: On | Off

Temperature: °F | °C | None

— Additional options —

Data CSV file (saves all raw sensor values): On | Off

Altitude offset: Feet only

More information on the Alti-Force Sensor Pack can be found on the Alti-force website.



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This is AWESOME!!!

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I've been enjoying the added data that the Alti-Force Sensor adds to my videos.

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