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World Team Attempts 2-Point 222-Way

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Efforts are currently under way at Skydive Arizona to set a new world record for the largest sequential skydive. The World Team, comprising of hundreds of skilled skydivers from around the world is seeking to set a new world record by performing a 2-point 222 way. The attempts are currently under way, with jumping scheduled from the 6th until the 12th of April.

The record jump is being organized by BJ Worth, who also organized the 400-Way world record largest freefall formation jump.

An update on Tuesday from the World Team announced that no jumps able to take place for the day, but that they were looking forward to starting the 222-Way jumps on Wedneday.

On Wednesday the 10th of April, the World Team posted a blog update with some videos, also stating that the second jump of the day looked very close to a complete formation. Weather conditions look promising for the remaining few days with light winds and sunny skies forecast, according to the aforementioned blog. With only two days left, time is running out - but given the positive post from yesterday, it seems that the record may well be set today, Thursday.

The event also sees skilled aerial photographers such as Brian Festi, Bruno Brokken, Henny Wiggers, Luciano Basque and Igor Konstantinov behind their cameras.

About The World Team

The World Team is renowned for their impressive big-way events and after having been established in 1994, have performed a countless number of noteworthy big way events. In 2012 alone, the World Team performed a 104-Way sequential at Skydive DeLand in Florida, 125-Way 'Picture Dive' at Eloy, 100-Way sequential at Skydive Chicago, 50-60-Way sequential at DZ Tanay in Siberia as well as two other events which included a 222-Way at Skydive Deland.

No doubt the most impressive accomplishment to date by the World Team was the 400-Way, setting the world record for the largest freefall formation; the event took place in Udon Thani, Thailand.

The World Team claims to be about far more than just records. The diverse nature of the group, which transcends cultural lines - has brought together skydivers from around the world who have formed partnerships and bonds with team mates from other nations, with understanding and respect shown towards the various cultures that are included in the team.

Editor's note: Since publication, the World Team successfully set the record for the largest sequential skydive. Congratulations to them!



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