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Win An $8000 Rig With Aerodyne

By adminon - Read 3576 times

Aerodyne Research is proud to support long-time skydiver and member of the Aerodyne family, Claire Meredith and also Shari VanPelt, a member of the Aero Tech family, in their battles with breast cancer. We would like to show our support and help them with medical costs and loss of wages due to medical treatments. Both ladies are currently undergoing chemo therapy and will both follow up with surgery and radiation. This process will take a toll on their health and finances.

Please help our cause by purchasing one or more raffle tickets. This gear offer is amazing! You can win a complete set of gear, which includes:

One custom Icon container

One Aerodyne main canopy of your choice

One Aerodyne reserve canopy of your choice

A matching gear bag

One m2 AAD

One Kiss full face helmet

One Alti-2 altimeter of your choice

One stock Tony Suit.

Each ticket is only $50 for this prize worth over $8000! Only 700 tickets available. Get yours today! Sign up at gearraffle.eventbrite.com.

We thank you, and Claire and Shari thank you!



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Thanks Bill !!

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