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Vector Fest 2016

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Vector Festival is the European skydiving event of the summer! Don’t jump a Vector? You’re still invited, and it’s a great reason for you to register before the boogie so you can have a chance to win one.

This year’s Vector Festival promises an event of epic proportions! Starting June 21, an all-star squad of 22 organizers and hundreds of participants will converge upon Skydive PINK Klatovy for 6 days of skydiving, entertainment, and catching up with friends and making new ones in an old school boogie atmosphere.

Images by Wolfgang Lienbacher

Skydive PINK Klatovy will support the boogie with their iconic fleet of 4 Skyvans, promising loads and loads of fun! Balloon jumps are scheduled first thing every morning and the planes will fly through sunset.

UPT Vector, PD, and Vigil are sponsoring an incredible crew of organizers who will cater to different disciplines and experience levels throughout the event. Although this isn’t a skills camp, there will be at least two organizers on every load and plenty of opportunity for you to jump your heart out, whether it be in large groups or 1 on 1 coaching.

Image by Andrey Veselov

A huge group of vendors will be on site throughout the boogie to show you their goods and answer any questions you may have. They are also giving away a ton of free stuff! Prizes can be won daily through the mystery ball drop and Instagram photo contest. Swing through the Vendor Village on Friday night for a party, we heard you can get free beer there!

Nightly entertainment is scheduled to keep you satisfied well after the day’s jumping is finished. We have bands and DJs arranged for your listening pleasure as well as giant twister, sumo wrestling, a talent show, a mechanical bull, and more. Saturday night will be one to remember! The circus tent will be converted into a huge foam and laser light party. Come wearing pink and white and anything that glows!



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