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Skydivelive 1st Annual Memorial Day Boogie

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Skydivelive! will be hosting a Memorial Day Boogie, thanking all the fallen heroes by celebrating their lives - by having fun, fast airplanes, friends, raffles, good vibes and lots of jumping. The celebration of life!

We have the fastest jump plane in the Florida panhandle - a PAC750 starting 10am on Friday, an R44 helicopter on Saturday and a Cessna 182 for hop n’ pops. The dz is 20 acres with 200+ of acres of safe “out’s” and plenty of space for you to camp out – either pitch a tent or sleep in our 5,000+ square foot hangar which is carpeted for packing and an outdoor shower. RV hookups for a small fee and families are always welcome – bounce house and toys for the kids.

There will be lots to do each day. The "GoPro pic of the day" gets a free jump, we'll have Last load of the day Swoop n’ Chugs, load organizers, bonfires at night, and more to follow!

For the $25 entry fee, you get a free t-shirt, free lunch each day, and one ticket toward any of the 3 raffles. Friday is pot luck, please bring a dish. Saturday night, free BBQ, Sunday night's dinner will be catered – Ham, sweet potato casserole and more, all for $10. Breakfast available – you can skydive for 4 days straight cause everything is taken care of – just have fun and skydive!

Raffles - Gatorz $100 gift certificate, a free reserve pack job, and a Quatro audible altimeter.

There will be organizers for all levels of FS and Freefly, several coaches and riggers on staff. So whether it be your 5th jump or 5,000th jump come out to Skydive Live @ 5138 County Highway 0605 Defuniak Springs, FL. 32433 on Memorial Day weekend and help us celebrate all our fallen heroes.

About The Instructors

Charlene Plante

Charlene started skydiving in 2009 and got her coach rating at around 400 jumps, she wanted to make sure she had the skill level and knowledge to provide the best training for student jumpers. She’s all about helping the newer jumpers learn as much as possible, putting education above financial goals. She will gladly help anyone learn to freefly, however you must have at least 100 jumps and have a good set of belly flying skills. Safety is top priority!

Dave Rose

Dave Rose is an active military member who started skydiving with static line progression in 2000 at Raeford DZ, NC with some extremely experienced and professional instructors. He gained additional experience as a Parachute Demonstrator and Team Leader / Safety and Training Advisor (S&TA;) for the US Army Special Operations Command Black Daggers. During his three years on the Black Daggers he was able to earn his coach rating, tandem rating and his accelerated free fall instructor rating.

"The only way our newer skydivers learn, gain experience, and keep interest in the sport is to take the time to mentor and show them that no matter what level of experience you are, skydivers are family and are willing to help, teach and mentor each other."

Lou Howk

Lou is the resident expert on jumping with a camera. Along with being a coach during the boogie, Saturday morning, at 8am, Lou will be teaching a free safety class on jumping with a camera.

Military Free Fall (MFF) for 10 years

MFF Jumpmaster for 9 years

Former MFF Instructor and MFFI Videographer for US Army for 3 years

Former MFF Jumpmaster Instructor for US Army for 1 yr Coach rated for 5 years AFFI rated for 5 years

Tandem rated for 4 yrs 1300+ Jumps

Schedule training/tandems with Dave 910-922-7240

Questions, see www.skydivelive.com or call Melanie 850-419-3580



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User Feedback

Awesome Boogie! I was there yesterday. Helicopters! PAC750 and a lot of fun.
The Memorial Jump was pretty awesome and inspiring.

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