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Second Annual Chicks Rock Boogie

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Last year, it all began with a great idea and it finished off as a completely successful event for all who participated. It was decided then that the Chicks Rock Boogie would remain on the books and continue to be hosted annually by Skydive Elsinore. The Chicks Rock Boogie, which takes place at Skydive Elsinore’s scenic dropzone in Southern California, is an event designed to have something for everyone – even the guys!

Girls of all skill levels and disciplines are welcome to come fly together, participate in the festivities, and have some good ‘ol girly fun! Freeflyers to R-Dubbers, beginners to advanced, even first-time jumpers are invited to come out to do tandems.

Freefly ChicksThere will be four Load Organizers on the scene to help encourage the girls to join different types of loads. Two chicks will be organizing the freeflyers and two chicks will be organizing RW loads, all of whom will be putting dives of various skill levels together throughout the weekend. Last years’ Boogie concluded with numerous successful big-ways, as well as a noticeable improvement in all of the girls’ flying by the end of the event. The first-timers can experience the true spirit of skydiving and will be encouraged to see how women play such a major role in the skydiving community. Not to mention how much fun we always have! Hopefully, many will return and become members of our skydiving family as well.

Exit!Elsinore’s First Annual Chicks Rock Boogie would not have been as great of a success without the support of our many sponsors and the ability for us to get the word out about the event. Last year, thanks to our sponsors, the hard work of our support team, and some publicity, women ended up coming from all over the country to join the fun and show their support. This year, the Second Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie has already started to grab the attention of our sponsors, our staff, and future participants, so it is now time to announce what is in the works for this October.

Once again, there will be a special “girls only” package deal offered with an option to pre-register for additional savings. The package will consist of ten jump tickets, a long sleeve tee shirt adorning the Chicks Rock Boogie logo, lunch for two days at Elsinore’s Snack Shack, a Boogie Bag filled with cool stuff, a personal Boogie Identification Badge, free beer after sunset, and all of the festivities over the weekend are included as well. The package costs only $200 for pre-registrants. There will be a $25 boogie registration charge for those who sign up after September 12, 2002. First time tandems can pre-register and buy a package for only $180, which includes all of the goodies from the regular package, but replaces the 10 jump tickets with a tandem ticket instead. The $25 registration will also apply to tandems who sign up after September 12, 2002. Because the tee shirts were such a big hit last year, even with the guys, they will also be on sale at Ground Zero Paraphernalia, Elsinore’s on site gear store, for all to purchase as souvenirs. I still fly in mine all the time!

More freefly chicks!Saturday evening’s festivities will be open to all who decide to come and join the fun. There will be dinner tickets on sale during the day on Saturday for those who wish to stick around Elsinore for dinner and festivities. Skydive Elsinore’s very own Chris Fiala will be our designated DJ for the night, spinning tunes once the sun goes down. Also, and back by popular demand, is our spectacular night demonstration, performed by a select group of our finest high performance canopy pilots. The night demo will take place at Elsinore’s swoop pond, appropriately named “The Abyss” (you’ll just have to see why for yourself). This awesome performance will mark the beginning of an evening filled with good music, dancing, a huge bonfire, and great vibes.

On Sunday, we will hold our raffle and give away loads of sponsored prizes. Last years’ raffle included a mixture of everything, including T-shirts, Elsinore jump tickets, Pro Tracks, Jumpsuits, half off canopies, and a grand prize of half off a custom Infinity Container. Be sure to check back for updates regarding this years’ raffle. I am currently working on getting together the list of sponsors and prizes and I am sure that after the success of last years’ Chicks Rock Boogie, this year will bring out even more sponsors and cooler prizes.

So stay tuned and keep a look out for more news about Skydive Elsinore’s Second Annual Chicks Rock Boogie coming this October 12 and 13, 2002. The tremendous success of last years’ event has the DZ crawling with enthusiasm to make this years’ even better!

For details and information about the upcoming event, contact Skydive Elsinore at (909) 245-9939, check out their website at www.skydiveelsinore.com, or contact me directly at [email protected].

For those interested in being a sponsor of Skydive Elsinore’s Second Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie, being hosted this October 12 & 13, 2002, please contact me at [email protected] for details.

Photos by: Wyat Drewes (From the 1st Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie)



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