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Polish 100-Way National Record

By adminon - Read 6103 times

Some jumps are supposed to be a part of skydiving history, and this jump was one of them, with 100 polish skydivers creating a white-red formation.

This week was the hottest in the year at 38 C degrees. The day consisted of 4 skyvans and 1 cessna waiting with engines on, FS suits, helmets, rigs and full sun over beautiful Klatovy airfield. 100 skydivers did their best to focus on the job - which took 8 tries before it was successfully completed. On the 9th load the formation was built, kept strong and everyone from the ground could see the white-red flag in the sky.


This would never happen without dedication, discipline, self-control and only one goal in mind. And it all came together with the dedication of skydivers, organizers, dropzone staff, cameramen, load organizers, manifest, packers and sponsors.

This way Poland is the 8th country in the world to successfully complete a 100-way national FS record (only Polish citizens)!

Congratulations to all those involved.

It is also worth mentioning that on Monday there was another record beaten: that of the 34-way of Polish women's FS formation. Girl power at its best! Congrats, ladies!


Dariusz “Dafi” Filipowski

Jarosław “Widget” Shot

Maciej “Heniek” Węgrzecki


Jarosław “Widget” Shot

Jacek “Grabarz” Grabowski

Sebastian Lewandowski

Load Organizers:

Dariusz “Dafi” Filipowski

Marek Nowakowski

Sebastian Dratwa

Safety Officer:

Maciej “Mahoo” Machowicz

FAI judges:

Grzegorz Świerad

Maciej Antkowiak

Mariusz Puchała



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User Feedback

WTF? Over 1100 views at time of writing and 0 comments?! So, OK, I'll start. ;)
Congratulations to everybody on the (three) record setting Polish teams, including all those who provided the support to make it happen. Great to see such strong team spirit, courage and determination. Amazing achievements!!! : )))
Feeling very proud of my adopted home country (as a Brit living in Poland for the best part of 20 years now).
Thanks to Kuba and Marta for this write up and some excellent photos.
Video of the 100 is here: https://vimeo.com/136200458
And BTW, I'd be interested to know ... which countries are the other 100-way record holders?

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UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, France, Australia, Russia and now offcourse Poland ;)

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Go Poland, congratulations! So proud, beautiful achievement and great photos!
I'm Polish living in the US, wishing I could have been there to cheer up. Maybe someday I get to meet fellow Polish jumpers and represent my country :)

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Great photos, Kuba and Marta! Congrats to all involved. =)

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