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Dubai International Parachuting Championships - Day 2

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All imagery by Kuba Konwent

Dubai is a special place and for a skydiver - it really is unique. If you want to feel like a professional athlete and member of a serious global community - there is literally no better place. Skydiving is not a niche sport here - it’s a main one. Skydivers are not freaks with a weird hobby, but appreciated professionals and VIP guests. Different world, no questiones asked.

In the recent days skydivers of all disciplines were registrating and jumping over the Palm and on the Desert for training sessions. Accuracy, 4-ways, swoopers, freestylers - the magic of diversity was visible all around both dropzones and in the tunnel. Busy days for the Manifest, organizers and competitors.

- I’m definitely more experienced than a year ago and I also have a smaller canopy size, which can be helpful - says Cornelia Mihai from Skydive Dubai swooping team, starting in Canopy Piloting discipline. - Of course I aim for winning, as everybody. I trained a lot and I will do my best.

Today first rounds of Accuracy, 4-way Open and 4-way Female took place. The weather conditions were positive for the majority of a day, but in the late afternoon and evening stronger wind made swoopers worried about tomorrow’s Dubai International Swoop League. It is considered to be a warm up competition before DICP rounds but it has a separate results and awards. A couple of changes were applied this year to the general rules known so far. We will publish more details soon, just before Canopy Piloting which starts on 1st Dec.

- I’m always planning a new record - laughs Nick Batch (8 Distance and 2 Speed world records) - Of course Speed is more demanding, so I will definitely be focused on that. But I also feel there is a lot to do in the Distance area.

As always, between swoop pond and national teams’ booths, there is a lot of fun going on, but one place seems to be more crowded than the others. It’s a wingsuit simulator with a specific ‘tracks’ displayed in a special big goggles mounted on a head. Everyone can feel the thrill of wingsuit proximity flying, after lying on a special device which is sensitive to all body movements. To make it even more realistic, you can feel wind on your face and sounds of the air going faster and faster. Really great entertainment not only for non-skydivers.

As every year, there is Photography Competition taking place and everybody can submit their pictures. Spectacular views and performances, big format event and colorful surroundings make the place perfect for professional (and amateur) photographers. Many of them could be spotted at work during sunset PPG (powered paragliding) flying: beautiful and unique view.

At 8pm the official opening of DIPC took place in the artificial stadium built a couple of days before. It was truly a stunning performance of sky-dancers hanged on the ‘sky’ displayed on walls and ceiling. Hanging on a ‘circus’ handles all performers were literally flying 2 meters above the audience. Skydivers watching the show would notice that their movements are not only beautiful but suprisingly accurate and professional. After a short while everyone was already sure that the real skydivers were actually performing. This fact made a show even more incredible. With fireworks just above heads and hearts full of music - everyone is ready to make this competition legen… wait for it ... dary.



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