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ChutingStar Boogie Schedule

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The ChutingStar Boogie Shop had become a dependable presence at many boogies over the past several years, but took 2015 off to focus on new crew members, the DeLand shop move and our new web site.

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016! It's a brand new year and with a jam packed calendar for the ChutingStar Crew...to include taking the show on the road!

Laura Bales, who is celebrating her 5th year at ChutingStar, and more than 10 years of skydiving, will be coming to a drop zone near you as the ChutingStar Boogie Shop is all geared up to travel.

You'll be able to spot ChutingStar's Boogie Shop by the large inflatable ChutingStar tent and wind blades. Laura is available throughout each boogie with demo helmets and altimeters, new gear for purchase, general boogie/gear supplies as well as expert advice, swatches and measuring help for new rigs and jumpsuits. Basically everything to keep you in the air!

ChutingStar will have demos from Larsen & Brusgaard (altimeters), Square1 (helmets), Cookie (helmets), Tonfly (helmets), Elemental (altimeter) and Alti-2 (altimeters). Laura will also be able to assist with custom orders for all rig and jumpsuit manufacturers, including the popular Tonfly jumpsuits!

Furthermore, ChutingStar's Boogie Tent doubles as Boogie Hydration Central with plenty of iced-down GoFast, the ChutingStar Water Cooler and Camelbak Packs, Bottles & Travel Mugs.

Here is our current, confirmed Boogie schedule...with more to be added:

- January 21-24 @ Everglades

- March 11-13 @ Skydive the South 1-Year Anniversary

- May 5-8 @ SIS at West TN

- May 31-June 5 @ CarolinaFest

- July 21-25 @ Redemption

- September 1-5 @ BamaFest

Any specific gear requests that you want to pickup at any of the boogies we're attending just needs to be communicated to Laura at least 1 day prior to the boogie. You can e-mail her at gear@chutingstar.com , call us at 770-445-4000 ext. 1 or send a note through our Contact Us page at ChutingStar.com. During the boogie, you can reach her directly on the ChutingStar Boogie Batphone at 404-909-2726.



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