Skydive Algarve - Beech99 Boogie and Freefly Festival

    In the last 13 years Skydive Algarve has been established as one of the most enjoyable dropzones in Europe. With blue skies, little winds, a beautiful coast line and 28ºC of temperature, the dropzone offers jumpers a real treat.
    The "Beech99 boogie and freefly festival" will be taking place at Algarve from the 28th September until the 13th of October 2013. During these two weeks, the dropzone will be offering freefly coaching, freefly LO, AFF courses and beach jumpers. More than 350 athletes are expected to pass through the dropzone during this period. Specials have been arranged with hotel partners and local car rentals in order to give attendants the best possible prices. Other activities that can be enjoyed in the area include go-karts, horse riding, golf, paintball, kitesurfing and more.
    The dz is based at Portimão airfield, located at 70km from the Faro international airport. Sunlight, heat and the vibrant colours of the landscape. Everything in the Algarve is a source of energy offering you the chance to recharge your batteries.
    For those interested in finding out more about the event and the dropzone, you can visit their site at - www.skydivealgarve.pt

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    World Games 2013 - Results

    After three days of lead changes, wild weather and nine intense jumps, Team Alter Ego member Curt Bartholomew added Canopy Piloting Gold to the USA medal count at the 2013 World Games, continuing his reign as the #1 Canopy Pilot in the world.
    “This was a super tight competition in the hardest conditions I’ve ever flown in,” Bartholomew said after the competition.
    Chosen as one of only six US Canopy Pilots to compete at the World Games (held every four years and organized by the International Olympic Committee), Bartholomew was the seeded #1 Canopy Pilot going into the competition, which began last Thursday.
    Only the very best Canopy Pilots in the world received an invitation to the World Games, and 36 champions had their eye on taking the top spot in the highly-coveted and highly exposed World Games.
    Having dominated the competition scene for the past year and a half, winning the last two world competitions (2012 World Canopy Piloting Champion and 2011 Dubai International Parachuting Champion), Bartholomew was in the crosshairs and an intense showdown was imminent going into the World Games.

    Bartholomew was bested by teammate Nick Batsch at the 2013 US Nationals Championships and has been healing after an injury that occurred late in his regional Florida Canopy Piloting Association Championship run. In addition to Batsch, seven-time World Champion Jay Moledzki was fresh off a Canadian National Championship win and had his sights set on earning Gold at the World Games.
    Throughout the competition, Bartholomew, PD Factory Team members Pablo Hernandez and Moledzki moved around the top 3 spots, with lead changes as close as 0.4 points separating first and second. Going into the 3rd and final day of competition, the scores pointed to a showdown between Bartholomew and Moledzki, with Hernandez taking 3rd. Batsch would earn three 100 scores during the competition and set a World Games Distance Record at XXX meters, but stumbles in the first two rounds of Zone Accuracy left him short of the podium in 4th place, missing 3rd by 1.5 points.
    An upset was plausible with any given event, though, as the top 10 were within striking distance if one of the top three had even one bad round.
    Moledzki would end the competition in 9th, with fellow PD Factory Team member Thomas Dellibac taking over 2nd place on the podium. Dellibac posted consistent scores throughout the competition, which allowed him to capitalize when Moledzki posted a 67.032 to Dellibac’s 92.307 in the first event of the day, Zone Accuracy. Dellibac also outscored Hernandez, closing the gap to 2nd and 3rd. Dellibac bested Moledzki by 9 points and Hernandez by 18 points in Speed for the second round of the day and had the podium in sight. When Moledzki scored only 3 points in the final Distance round he dropped unexpectedly to 9th and Dellibac sealed the silver by outscoring Hernandez by 11 points in the round. Positions 2nd, 3rd and 4th were only separated by 1.5 points between each rank.

    “I’m last out. I watched all the key players throw down, with Curt landing right before me,” Moledzki wrote to his Facebook fans after the competition. “I saw the mark, I knew what was necessary to beat it by enough to pass and regain the lead. I put the hammer firmly down and brought mega heat to the gate, but couldn’t keep it below the marker. I didn’t come here to get a silver medal”.
    Hernandez fought throughout the competition with only Speed showing as an achilles heel. In a dead heat for Gold with Bartholomew and Moledzki, some would say his time to be on top of the podium is due.
    Bartholomew never fell below 3rd place, and his consistency in producing solid scores in each event allowed him to finish a full 45 points ahead of the silver earning score. He was also awarded “Athlete of the Day”, chosen out of 4500 athletes also competing on August 4 and joining only 29 other competitors who were chosen among a pre-selected jury.
    “2013 World Games Champion. I’m still wrapping my mind around that,” Bartholomew said. “I will remember this one for the rest of my life”.
    World Games 2013 Canopy Piloting Top 10:

    1. Curt Bartholomew (USA)

    2. Thomas Dellibac (USA)

    3. Pablo Hernandez (ESP)

    4. Nick Batsch (USA)

    5. Andrew Woolf (AUS)

    6. Brian McEnney (USA)

    7. William Sherman (UAE)

    8. Timothy McMaster (UAE)

    9. Jason Moledzki (CAN)

    10. Roman Dubsky (SVK)
    The global canopy piloting competition season is just beginning, with Bartholomew, Batsch, Hernandez, Dellibac and fellow US Canopy Piloting team members, Gage Galle, Scott Harper, Ian Drennan, Jason Sanders, Ian Bobo, Jessica Edgeington, Mikael Stevens, Greg Windmiller and Robert Wallace head to Kolomna for the 7th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting August 24-30.
    Remainder 2013 Canopy Piloting Season:
    August 15 - 18: Pink Open (Klatvoy)
    August 24-30: 7th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting (Kolomna)
    October 9 - 13: SunPath Products Canopy Piloting Open (Raeford)
    October 16-20: PD Project Orange (Zephyrhills)
    November 27 - December 10: 4th Dubai International Parachuting Competition (Dubai)

    World Games Competition Recap

    Day One:
    Only 2 rounds of competition were able to be completed on the first day of competition, and Moledzki quickly established a double digit point lead after a 1st place Zone Accuracy and 3rd place Distance finish. Bartholomew was comfortably in third while Batsch struggled in Zone Accuracy and ended the day in 17th. The final day’s Speed event was not able to be completed due to high winds.
    Day Two:
    By far the most tumultuous day of the competition, four rounds were completed and resulted in several lead changes.
    Beginning with Zone Accuracy, Bartholomew set the pace for the day by scoring 100 points in the round. Moledzki’s score of 88 put Bartholomew win 2 points of the overall lead. Batsch, however, struggled with a low Zone Acc score and was in danger of falling out of contention.
    The Distance event followed and Batsch laid down a 134 meter run, comfortably taking 1st and gaining position. Bartholomew, meanwhile, gained another 9 points on Moledzki with a 2nd place 128 meter run. 3rd place was taken with a 117 meter finish by Pablo Hernandez, who had been in the top 3 with Bartholomew and Moledzki throughout the competition.
    Many competitors were able to make gains in the point tallies following the completion of two speed rounds where the top 3, Bartholomew, Moledzki and Hernandez performed in the middle of the pack, allowing Batsch’s 2nd 100 score of the competition to put him in the top 10 and within striking distance of a podium finish.
    Day two ended with only 0.4 points separating 1st place Moledzki and 2nd place Bartholomew. Hernandez stood in 3rd, 18 points behind the leaders.
    Day Three:
    Beginning, again, with Zone Accuracy, Bartholomew tied for 1st in his strongest event while Moledzki fell 30+ points with a 67.032 score.
    Only the top 18 competitors moved on to the final Speed round, where Batsch further closed the gap on the leaders with a 95.996 score. Bartholomew, Hernandez and Moledzki all scored less than 84, allowing the field to make huge leaps in points on the leaders. Going into the final round of the competition, Bartholomew held a 23 point lead over second place Moledzki and Billy Sherman, who had taken over third from Hernandez.
    In the final Distance event, Batsch scored his third 100 of the competition and set a World Games Distance Record with a 144.77 meter run. Bartholomew ended right behind with a 142.85 meter distance jump and solidified his Gold win. Meanwhile, Thomas Dellibac from the USA, had been landing consistently solid scores and had been sitting within striking distance of the leaders throughout the competition. After besting Moledzki and Hernandez in the the last two rounds of the competition, he earned Silver overall, with Hernandez earning Bronze.
    Photo credit: World Games 2013
    Flickr Stream of the Canopy Piloting event:

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    Pink Canopy Piloting Open - Day 3, Final Results

    Pink Canopy Piloting Open Results - Alter Ego’s Batsch wins 3rd Consecutive Pink Open Title

    By Carrie Transue
    The top 5 competitors of the Pink Canopy Piloting Open:(l-r) 5th: Johan Karlsson (SWE), 4th: Pablo Hernandez (ESP), 3rd: Tommy Dellibac (USA), 1st: Nick Batsch (USA), 2nd: Curt Bartholomew (USA)

    A hat trick isn’t just for hockey and Team Alter Ego’s Nick Batsch (USA) just scored one with his 3rd consecutive Pink Canopy Piloting Open Championship win on Saturday.
    After three days of lead changes and weather challenges, day 3 began with Batsch’s teammate, Curt Bartholomew leading the field of 97 competitors by 10 points over 2nd place Batsch and 83 points over 3rd place Pablo Hernandez (ESP), PD Factory Team.
    With such a large point differential, the championship run seemed to split into two different competitions; one being between Batsch and Bartholomew for 1st and 2nd and the other between positions 3-10 battling for 3rd. It wouldn’t be easy to overtake Hernandez in 3rd, but Tommy Dellibac (USA), also from the PD Factory team, had done just that in the final day of competition at the World Games in July and was looking for a repeat.
    Only two jumps remained in the competition and began Saturday morning with the last round of Zone Accuracy, but not the garden variety Zone Acc. Dubbed “Skinny” Zone Accuracy, the final gate was narrowed from 10 meters to only 1.5 meters, requiring precision and focus by all competitors to ensure they were in position to make the final gate.
    Cornelia Mihai (UAE) from Skydive Dubai won the round after hitting all four gates and landing in the target zone. The only thing that kept her from a perfect 100 was not standing her landing. However her sit down landing in the target zone was the best of the round and would give her a second 100 point score in Zone Accuracy.

    Batsch left an opening for Bartholomew to broaden his lead after missing the water drag in the 4th gate and landing in Zone 5. Bartholomew, who is known for scoring perfect 100’s in Zone Accuracy almost at will and under pressure but has been healing this summer from a fractured tibia, came in strong after Batsch and landed down in Zone 6, which would have tied him with Mihai’s score. However, after a video review it was determined that one foot had slid under the tape into Zone 7, which is a 17 point deduction.
    In the battle for 3rd, Hernandez and Dellibac tied for the round with a 90 score, leaving only one more solid jump for Hernandez to keep the 3rd place position he held throughout the entire competition.
    The last round of the event, “Old School” Distance (no water dragging and no final gate limitations). The exit orders were reassigned based on scores, and Bartholomew was holding a 3.615 lead over Batsch while Hernandez held a 4.544 point lead over Dellibac and six other close competitors with hope to still find a place on the podium. Consistent performances all week by the next six competitors in the field set up an 8-way fight for 3rd as Johan Karlsson (SWE), Cornelia Mihai (UAE), Jerome Ramauge (FRA), Justin Judd (USA), Ian Drennan (USA) and Billy Sharman (UAE) were each within striking distance should a slip in score occur with Hernandez.
    As competitors completed the final jump, the final 10 battled to the end. Distance scores are tabulated based on a percentage of a jumper’s final distance in relation to the jumper who goes the furthest. The performance was close between the competitors vying for 3rd, but the upset would go to Dellibac who would overtake his teammate for 3rd, repeating the last minute push that earned him 2nd over Hernandez at the World Games.
    Meanwhile, a showdown that is becoming the norm for major competitions between Batsch and Bartholomew was still underway. Batsch, a 6 time World Record holder in Distance, would fly 175.1 meters (574.475 feet) and sweep the Distance event with a perfect 300 score. The next furthest run was Dellibac’s at 161.40 meters (529.526 feet).
    The final scores would edge Batsch over Bartholomew to earn 1st by 8.15 points. The pair would also reflect a strong differential from the field with a 78.987 and 70.837 point lead over 3rd place.
    So far, 2013 competitions have been a battle between Batsch, Bartholomew, Dellibac and Hernandez.
    However, some have fallen just shy of overtaking one of these top four. One such competitor is Mihai.
    Mihai would finish the competition with three 100’s and one 99.318, causing many to sit up and take notice. Her performance in the Pink Open has proven definitively that she is a contender for the podium and only one misstep in the first round of Zone Accuracy kept her from a top spot in the Pink Open. She finished the competition in 6th.
    Competitive Canopy Pilots form a family-like unit with the top performers facing each other several times over the course of a year, including the quest for a new title, World Cup of Canopy Piloting Champion, that begins in one week in Kolomna, Russia. As the jumpers arrive in Kolomna, training will continue with many working together sharing tips, advice and coaching. But on August 25th, the fight to earn the title of World Cup of Canopy Piloting Champion will begin and those who have fallen just short of the podium this year will be on a mission.
    Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    Overall Results:
    1st: Nick Batsch (USA), Team Alter Ego
    2nd: Curt Bartholomew (USA), Team Alter Ego
    3rd: Tommy Dellibac (USA), PD Factory Team
    4th: Pablo Hernandez (ESP), PD Factory Team
    5th: Johan Karlsson (SWE)
    6th: Cornelia Mihai (UAE), Skydive Dubai
    7th: Jerome Ramauge (FRA)
    8th: Bill Sharman (UAE), Skydive Dubai
    9th: Justin Judd (UAE), -ISM Canopy Piloting Team
    10th: Ian Drennan (USA), PD Factory Team
    1st: Nick Batsch (USA), Team Alter Ego
    2nd: Curt Bartholomew (USA), Team Alter Ego
    3rd: Tommy Dellibac (USA), PD Factory Team
    1st: Curt Bartholomew (USA), Team Alter Ego
    2nd: Jessica Edgeington (USA), PD Factory Team
    3rd: Peter Kallehave (DEN), Danish Canopy Piloting Team
    Zone Accuracy:
    1st: Nick Batsch (USA), Team Alter Ego
    2nd: Pablo Hernandez (USA), PD Factory Team
    3rd: Justin Judd (USA), -ISM Canopy Piloting Team
    Austrian National Championship:
    1st: Dominic Roithmair
    2nd: Paul Alexandrow
    3rd: Marco Fürst

    Czech National Championship:
    1st: Zbynek Zivny
    2nd: Jan Roub
    3rd: Jan Bartos
    German National Championships:
    1st: Markus Scheuermann
    2nd: Tobi Koch
    3rd: Frank Täsler
    All photos by Wolfgang Lienbacher: http://facebook.com/lienbacherphoto
    Carrie Transue is the co-owner of Team Nomad, a Marketing and Management Agency, with her husband, Bobby Transue
    After spending 15 years in the corporate world, I fell in love with the all things skydiving….the feeling of flying through the air, the athletes and the culture. As a young skydiver with less than 100 jumps, I still battle fears and love the accessibility of the skydiving community that allows newbies to learn from the very best. Through the quest to learn more about flying my canopy, I've become a CP junkie, following the athletes and events that further the Canopy Piloting discipline and the sport of Skydiving overall. At Nomad, I get to work everyday with professional Canopy Pilots, Skydivers and others in the industry to keep pushing and growing the sport. If there is a CP competition, you can bet that if I'm not there in person, I'll be glued to my computer waiting for updates!

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    World Cup of Canopy Piloting Results

    Bartholomew wins Canopy Piloting Triple Crown, Hernandez earns European Canopy Piloting Championship & Windmiller sets new Speed World Record at the 7th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting
    They say there’s no rest for the weary and the pros at the FAI 7th World Cup in Canopy Piloting & 3rd European Championships were ready for battle as the competition got underway Wednesday.
    The World Cup in Kolomna, Russia is the third major Canopy Piloting championship in the past two months and while some began the competition with an eye on sweeping the three events, others arrived ready for redemption.

    7th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting:
    This leg of the competition season has seen the same 4 competitors battling for the top spot time and again: Team Alter Ego’s Curt Bartholomew and Nick Batsch versus the PD Factory Team’s Tommy Dellibac and Pablo Hernandez. However, 76 other pros arrived in Kolomna ready to take over.Day 1 - Speed & Distance
    There was no playing around during Day 1 when competitors completed 6 rounds of the competition and closed the day with a new Speed World Record and a tight point spread between the top 15 competitors.
    US Army’s Greg Windmiller (USA), began the competition with three Speed World Records listed in his resume and would add one more to the list before the first day was halfway over. With a speed of 2.371 in the final Speed round, he became a 4th time Canopy Piloting Speed World Record Holder.
    The field quickly shifted to Distance, and another World Record would be challenged in the first round with Skydive Dubai’s Cornelia Mihai (UAE) setting a new Female Distance World Record after flying 138.54 meters. Curt Bartholomew (USA) flying his canopy 154.02 meters was only .07 meters short of teammate Nick Batsch’s current world record of 154.09 meters. Batsch, however, would continue to dominate the Distance rounds, ultimately besting Bartholomew and the UAE’s Billy Sharman.

    Day 2 - Zone Accuracy Rounds 1 & 2
    The field awoke on Day 2 with expectations of an intense 3 jumps, with the scores so close that anyone in the top 15 could still podium.
    Bartholomew would broaden his lead over the other competitors with a 91 score (100 points) in the first round and a perfect 100 score in the 2nd round, which would be the only perfect 100 scored by any competitor throughout both completed rounds.
    After the second round, Bartholomew was comfortably in first by nearly 60 points, leaving Dellibac to protect his silver standing from Sharman and the rest of the top 15, who were all within striking distance should they outscore him in the last and final jump.
    Event organizers had planned to complete the competition on Day 2, but only about half of the field were able to complete the final round before a weather hold stopped the competition for the day.
    The competitors arrived the next morning ready to complete the final round, but would end up spending two days waiting on weather to clear to finish that final Zone Accuracy Round.
    With weather forecasts not showing a promising window, event organizers called the competition complete Saturday afternoon without the final round of Zone Accuracy.
    The World Cup of Canopy Piloting victory gives Bartholomew what is known as the Canopy Piloting Triple Crown - the current champion of the World Cup, World Canopy Piloting Championship and the World Games.
    Overall Winners:
    Gold: Curt Bartholomew (USA)
    Silver: Tommy Dellibac (USA)
    Bronze: Billy Sharman (UAE)
    Speed Medalist:
    Gold: Curt Bartholomew (USA)
    Silver: Tommy Dellibac (USA)
    Bronze: Billy Sharman (UAE)
    Distance Medalists:
    Gold: Nick Batsch (USA)
    Silver: Billy Sharman (UAE)
    Bronze: Curt Bartholomew (USA)
    Zone Accuracy Medalists:
    Gold: Curt Bartholomew (USA)
    Silver: Pablo Hernandez (ESP)
    Bronze: Dominic Roithmair (AUT)
    3rd FAI European Canopy Piloting Championship
    In addition to the World Cup events, 43 competitors were also vying for the title of European CP Champion.
    Hernandez would lead the field following a comanding lead in Zone Accuracy, followed by Brice Bernier (FRA) and Dominic Roithmair (AUT).
    Overall Winners:
    Gold: Pablo Hernandez (ESP)
    Silver: Brice Bernier (FRA)
    Bronze: Dominic Roithmair (AUT)
    Distance Medalists:
    Gold: David Maleze (FRA)
    Silver: Roman Dubsky (SVK)
    Bronze: Johan Karlsson (SWE)
    Speed Medalists:
    Gold: Brice Bernier (FRA)
    Silver: Peter Kallehave (DEN)
    Bronze: David Maleze (FRA)

    National and World Records
    Several new World and National records were set throughout the competition, showing the continued push in the discipline as competitors are going further, faster and harder.
    World Records:

    - Greg Windmiller (USA): 2.371 seconds
    Distance - Female:

    - Cornelia Mihai (UAE): 138.54 meters
    National Records:

    - Netherlands National Speed Record:

    Erwin Baatenburg de Jong: 2.505 seconds

    - Sweden National Speed Record:

    Johan Karlsson: 2.503 seconds

    - Norway National Speed Record:

    Barton Hardie: 2.686 seconds

    - United States of America National Distance Record - Female

    Jessica Edgeington: 136.49 meters

    - Netherlands National Distance Record:

    Erwin Baatenburg de Jong: 130.95 meters

    - Sweden National Distance Record:

    Johan Karlsson: 131.36 meters
    - Norway National Distance Record:

    Barton Hardie: 130.24 meters
    One more international Canopy Piloting event is scheduled for 2013, the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship from November 27 to December 10.

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    Pink Canopy Piloting Open - Day 2

    By Carrie Transue
    It was moving day at the Pink Canopy Piloting Open, and the competitors took to the Speed course ready to make their mark on the scoreboard.
    Overall Championship:

    All three speed rounds for the competition were held Friday and an upset of the top four from Day 1 looked probable after the first round. Curt Bartholomew (USA), from Team Alter Ego, won the round with a 2.583 second run. Of the top four from Day 1, only Nick Batsch cracked the top 10 scores in the first round of Speed, allowing many to make some moves in points on the leaders. One of these moves was Bartholomew who closed the gap between he and Batsch, leaving only a 6.487 point difference between 1st and 2nd. Pablo Hernandez (ESP) and Tommy Dellibac (USA), both with the PD Factory Team, held onto 3rd and 4th and looked to broaden their lead on the field with the next rounds.
    A headwind slowed the field in the second round of speed, and Cornelia Mihai (UAE) from Skydive Dubai took top honors with a 2.845 second run. Bartholomew would score a close second and go into the last round of the day only 0.076 points behind Batsch.
    A second 100 score by Bartholomew enabled him to take over 1st place by 10 points after the final round of Speed.
    With a respective 83 and 73 point lead over 3rd place Hernandez, it would appear that Bartholomew and Batsch will battle for the gold medal in each competitors’ strongest event; Bartholomew has ended many major competitions with a 100 in Zone Accuracy and Batsch is a 6 time World Record holder in Distance and won both previous Distance rounds of the competition.

    The competition for 3rd is tight, and if today is any indication, the Overall podium truly is anyone’s to take. Dellibac will be aiming to repeat last round moves to the podium (he moved from 9th place to Silver at the recent World Games in the final three rounds), while Hernandez will protect his 3rd place position and look to minimize and overtake Bartholomew and Batsch’s lead.
    The last day of competition will begin Saturday morning with “skinny” Zone Accuracy (only a 1.5 meter wide 4th gate) and end with “old school” Distance (no water contact and no exit gate).
    Aside from the overall competition, the Pink Canopy Piloting Open also serves as the National Championships for three countries and many competitors are focused on taking top honors in their respective National Competitions.
    Austrian Championships:

    Dominic Roithmair from the Red Bull Skydiving Team has dominated the competition for the Austrian Championship, sitting 108 points ahead of 2nd place, Paul Alexandrow. Marco Fürst rounds out the top 3.
    Czeck Nationals:
    A tight competition is underway for the Czeck National Championship with Zbynek Zivny, Jan Bartos and Jan Roub currently positioned to podium, but 4th place Mark Rahbani and 5th place Jiri Blaska are close behind.
    German Nationals:
    The closest of the three National Championship competitions, Tobias Koch, Finn Bendixen and Frank Täsler will go into the final two rounds of competition to defend their positions against top 10 within striking distance.
    Scores for each event, and overall standings can be found at: http://www.btks.de/results/2013pinkopen/2013pinkopen.htm
    All photos by Wolfgang Lienbacher. More photos can be found at facebook.com/lienbacherphoto

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    World Team Fails to Break Record

    Photograph by Andrey Veselov/AP Attempts are currently under way in Eloy, AZ to break the two point big way world record. The World Team has 222 skydivers from 28 countries are working hard at carving their names into the record books. The goal is an ambitious one with the previous world record standing at only 110 jumpers, so should the World Team successfully accomplish their goal, they will have more than doubled the number of jumpers on the record that currently stands. The event is being held as the 20th anniversary event for the World Team.
    Training jumps began already on Friday, March 28 when warm weather and a light breeze offered the jumpers near perfect conditions for the first day of training. The first training jumps consisted of 4 groups of jumpers, a base group of 42, along with three other groups of 66. Initial jumps were quite successful with the base group managing to complete four successful jumps, while the groups of 66 managed to perform three jumps with two complete sectors on each jump. The record attempt schedule set three days aside for practice, with record attempts beginning on March 31st.
    On the second day of training the bar was raised with only two groups being created, as opposed to the four groups that jumped on the first day. The formation practice was now done via the formation of a 90-way and a 132-way. Each group managed to make four jumps on the day and again progress was clearly evident, as the jumpers gave it their all. Safety is always of the highest standard during big way events, and despite the extremely skilled nature of the team, the demands that a large scale record attempt puts on the competitors make it easy for concentration to lapse. The practice days of the event seek to slowly build up the quality of the jumps and move the team closer and closer towards the final goal.
    The final day of dedicated training began with some reshuffling of the formation sectors. The 132-way group which was operating on a full base got some practice in on the mini base by downsizing to a 90-way group, while the 90-way group from the day before would spend some time getting practice on the full base as a 132-way group. Practice on this day was cut short by 30-knot winds at 1600'. Time that was lost in the sky was spent by the team practising their jump with some dirt dives on the grass. Earlier in the day the 90-way team was able to make a first point completion, but the 132-way team was still struggling due to difficulties with the base.
    Record Attempts Begin
    The World Team began early on Monday, with a forecast for some less than ideal wind conditions later in the day. The plan was for a couple of final practice jumps in the morning before the record attempts would start, at around noon. The base managed to make two practice jumps, with only the Alpha team docking as one sector. The second jump provided a well established base and it was then decided for the record attempts to begin. The first jump would not seek for completion but rather aim to establish the build in stages. The base would complete and then allow the jumpers from the sectors to get into their quadrants and feel become comfortable with their position in the formation, there was no pressure for them to dock during this exercise. Unfortunately, as predicted, the wind did come up in the afternoon and cut the attempts short. The down time once again being used for dirt diving practice.

    Photograph by Gustavo Cabana/AP Improvements were made on Tuesday, 1st April when the team began practising achieving the full 222-way formation. The first jump of the day saw the teams beginning some of the docking on the base, while the second jump saw a further improvements in the attempt. The third and final jump of the day was the most successful with the formation then nearing completion. The team would look to then, on Wednesday further the progress and attempt to make their first point. Once the first point is made, the sights could focus on completing the two point formation.
    It was an early start on Wednesday when the team began through first dirt dives just after 06:30 in the morning, but before being able to get into the air at the scheduled time of 07:00, low cloud came in and caused a delay to the progression of the record attempt. The teams decided that they would spend the morning period while unable to get in the sky, to practice with smaller groups, which would then take to the sky once the clouds had passed. There were some changes to the base in order to give the group confidence that they would have a solid base to build on. The first jump after the weather cleared would consist of the 42-way base which would be docked on by a further 66-way group. This jump was extremely successful with the base building quickly and the remaining 66 jumpers slotting into position with good form; a 108-way formation was done to perfection and eyes then turned to the ultimate goal of completing the 222-way.

    Photograph by Andrey Veselov/AP The second jump of the day saw all 222 jumpers and come very close to completion. One of the sectors were complete while another fell just short. Overall things were very close, and hopes turned to being able to complete the formation and break the record later that day. Unfortunately however, the weather once again hampered proceedings and high winds meant that it would be the last jump for the day and attempts would resume on Thursday.
    Tragedy Strikes
    On Thursday, 3 April 2014 the atmosphere in the camp changed dramatically. Early in the morning one of the Diana Paris of Berlin, who was participating in the event suffered a malfunction. Paris, aged 46 was declared dead on the scene after her parachute was released too low, and unable to open fully prior to impact. Diana Paris was an experienced skydiver with over 1500 jumps. The team honored Paris later in the day by performing a "man missing" formation. The team have also decided that out of respect, they will not be replacing Paris for the record attempt, and instead will be aiming for a 221-way record instead of a 222-way.
    Despite suffering the loss of Paris, the team are still motivated to accomplish their record on Friday, the final day of the attempts.

    The Final Day
    The World Team returned to the record attempts on Friday morning, but were unfortunatly unable to complete the FAI sanctioned world record. Things were looking solid at the end and the team came extremely close, falling only two skydivers short of the record, with them being unable to link. As such an unofficial record of a 2-way 219-way skydive was achieved.
    Information sourced from The World Team Blog

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    2013 Work Stinks Boogie

    Details are now available for the 2013 Work Stinks! Boogie which will be taking place between the 28th of August and the 2nd of September at Start Skydiving, in Middleton, Ohio. For this year, the event organizers have created a participation limit of 500, on a first book - first serve basis. The limit in participation numbers is in order to ensure that the event is able to have both the most efficient and safest management possible, ensuring the best possible time for jumpers attending.
    The aircraft slots will cost $23.00 with 267 slots of lift each hour.
    There will be a total of five aircraft working the event. A CASA 312 which seats a total of 31 jumpers per load, an Otter which will seat 23 jumpers each load, Grand Caravan which will seat 17 and a Caravan that can take up 15. All four of these jumpships will be running three loads each hour. There will also be R44 helicopter slots open from $60.00 a person for a three person load, or $89.00 each if there are only two jumpers on the load. These helicopter jumps must be purchased online and will require the jumper to be at pre-manifest on both Saturday and Sunday from 8am until 12pm.
    Relative World Organizing
    Big ways 30-40-50 with World Record Organizer Guy Wright and other special guests

    4-10 Ways with the ladies from Team Tenacity

    Renowned aerial photographer Norman Kent will be documenting the event and offering private videos
    Free-Fly Organizing

    Organizing of all skill levels with Jimmy T, Tom Baker and World Record Holder Melanie Johnson

    10-20 ways with Brad Hunt

    Full Service will be back on Friday evening. On Saturday evening, there will be live entertainment, a great BBQ meal and the Selection.Com Fastrax pyrotechnic aerial display and ground launched fireworks show. A show you will never forget.

    The event will see gear representatives on location providing demo equipment available to those who are looking to try out some new stuff.

    Start Skydiving have a dedicated FREE camping area that has a bonfire pit for your enjoyment. They also have 20 RV hookups for the event ($100 for the event). The hookups are on a first come basis, so reserve them early through our online store. There is a $25.00 camper permit fee for all campers not using electric.
    Shower Trailer

    Start Skydiving will be bringing in an eight-bay shower trailer to compliment our three showers already at the DZ.

    Register online and all you have to do is walk up to the VIP lane, pick up your packet, and have your rig checked by our rigger. You can place money on your account before you arrive and START Skydiving!
    Registration will cost $45.00 and includes your Saturday meal ticket, t-shirt, one lift ticket, and your Fast Slots card if you register before June 30th. Registration after June 30th will include all of the same items aside from the lift ticket.
    Start Skydiving is highly regarded as one of the top dropzones in the United States, offering excellent service with a good vibe, and they always put on a good party - so be sure not to miss out on this event.

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    Women's Vertical World Record Camp: Teamwork

    Teamwork: work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.
    Have you ever been a part of a team? Felt the pressure of performing? Emotionally and physically put your efforts on the line for a common goal? That’s what we did August 1st – 3rd – a group of 23 women from Mexico, Canada, Dubai, Sweden and all over the US converged to participate in the Women’s Vertical World Camp hosted by myself in the cornfields of Skydive Chicago during Summerfest.
    This is one of several camps in preparation of the upcoming Women’s Vertical World Record attempts to be held November 27th – December 1st at Skydive Arizona. The specialty of this camp was designed so women could experience 2-plane shots, practicing different exits, flying in a formation, and on the last day, attempt to break a state record. (The current Illinois Women’s Vertical Formation State Record an 18-way set in 2005.)
    Every camp faces their own set of unique challenges – cutaways, fatigue, nerves, etc. Our camp especially did. Participant, and overall badass, Stephanie Eggum died from a low reserve deployment on our 3rd jump of the first day of the camp.

    An hour later after the news digested, we re-grouped. I asked, “I’m going to jump. Does anyone want to join me?” Unsure how to move on, the entire group agreed they were ready to jump. “Then we’re going to do 2-plane shots.” Some gentleman jumpers joined in to be the base and grew our group to practice 30+ ways. Each jump a special camaraderie was developing even though our jumps only yielded 19 to 20-ways.
    The next day we awoke to cloudy skies, but met to discuss the finer techniques of formation skydiving including exit techniques, showing videos from the current 138-way co-ed Vertical World Record, talking about the mental and physical aspects and what it takes to get on a world record skydive. We also took this time to introduce ourselves, state our home dz, jump numbers and goals. Not too much later the skies started clearing and we were back up doing 2-plane shots.
    After lunch the camp’s direction shifted gears in selecting a group to break the state record. “This is where it gets emotional,” I began. “It’s not political or playing favorites. This is about being a team. Even if you’re not selected to be on the record, you’re still as much a part of this team. Our goal is to build the safest, largest state record.” We finished the day building 14-ways.
    Saturday’s weather couldn’t have been more picture perfect – high, puffy clouds, light winds, and 70°F temps. There was an intense feeling as we walked together as a group to the skyvan. We were 20. The plane ride up began with clapping, the silence. From the first day till now, some of the women weren’t ready to build a 20-way. But now, they stood at the door with the experience and skills to be a part of a team, to build a record.
    We huddled around 11,000’ and I said, “I know you can do this, that’s why you’re here. Now you have to know it too. Be safe and let’s build a record!” The skyvan door opened and I could feel my own heart beating faster. I smiled, “Ready, set go!”
    The formation didn’t build on the first jump. Nor the second or third. I re-engineered the formation and we tried again. No success. I re-engineered it again. By this time, the whole drop zone was rooting for us. Spectators watched us intently with awe as we’d board the plane and greet us when we landed asking if we were successful. Although each jump wasn’t successful, something greater was happening – we were truly becoming the essence of a team.
    It’s easy to go up and do one jump and be successful. But can you do it over and over? Especially after two days of an intense camp, lack of sleep and having lost a comrade? We really had to dig deep for the energy and motivation; we had to keep doing our best even when we were doing our job and others weren’t; we had to be patient and keep moving forward.
    The sun was low on the horizon and the temperatures were slightly dropping. We huddled together on the ground in support of each other. “I believe in you girls. Level, slot, dock. Be safe, let’s do this!” We cheered loudly as we got on the skyvan. We clapped, hooted and hollered on take-off and became quiet with focus. “No pressure, but now there’s pressure. This is the last jump of the camp and our last attempt. Stay focused. Stay safe. Let’s build it!”
    We exited cleanly. The stingers were docking. Wackers were building. Levels were awesome. The formation was flying!
    When we landed we ran to each other because the dive just felt so good. It felt so good we were unsure if we made the state record. We smiled, laughed, high fived and hugged. In that moment, it didn’t matter if we built it or not. We knew how much we progressed as a team and that was our best jump together!
    After reviewing the video, we saw we were super close to building the formation, but at the last moment, ditters were going off and we broke off. So close!!
    At the close of the camp I didn’t feel defeated. I was lucky to have a great group of girls who stuck by each other’s sides, improved their flying, and was so determined that we embraced the real spirit of teamwork. And in that, we were successful.
    My heart goes out to the Eggum family. Your daughter was determined to be on the next Women’s Vertical World Record. We will remember her during the attempts. Much respect.
    This camp’s success also goes with having to give praise to the many who helped make it happen:
    Mike Bohn from Colorado came out to assist in the camp as a coach
    Camera: Norman Kent, Jim Harris, Brandon Chouinard
    (To view or orders from Summerfest, please check out Norman Kent’s gallery here:
    BASE BOYS: James Garnant, Ben Roane, Paul Jones, BJ Miclaeli, Pat Collins, Dennis Cowhey, Ryan Risberg, and Doug Legally
    WVWR Camp Participanats:

    Melissa Nelson – Utah

    Hermine Baker – Sweden

    Julie Wittenburg - Dubai

    Amberly Brown – Hawaii

    Cate Allington – New York

    Stacy Powers – Pennsylvania

    Helen D’Astous – Canada

    Katie Blue – Texas

    Logan Donovan – New York

    Noelle Mason – Florida

    Stephanie Eggum - Illinois

    Kelly Isenhoff - Tennessee

    Valentina Solis – Mexico

    Natalie Pitts – Colorado

    Tyfani Detki – Florida

    Emily Royal – Missouri

    Amy Cowhey – Illinois

    Paula Rodrigues – Mexico

    Jen Sensenbaugh – Texas

    Jen Frayer - Indiana

    Alyssa Manny – Colorado

    Stephanie Beeguer - Switzerland

    Lauren Piscatelli – North Carolina

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    Pink Canopy Piloting Open - Day 1

    By Carrie Transue

    Day 1 of the Pink Canopy Piloting Open looks to be a World Games Rematch.
    It's deja vu all over again with the top 4 Canopy Pilots from the recent World Games claiming the top 4 spots after day one of the Pink Canopy Piloting Open in Klatovy, Czech Republic.
    Thursday marked the first day and a jaw-dropping 97 competitors took to the sky in two rounds of Distance and two rounds of Zone Accuracy.
    Nick Batsch (USA), the reigning 2012 Pink Canopy Piloting Open Champion, set the standard for the competition with back to back 100Õs in the two Distance rounds, reminding us all the he is a 6 time Distance World Record Holder (most of the time beating his own record).

    Batsch's Alter Ego teammate Curt Bartholomew, who won the World Games two weeks ago by a staggering 45 points, finished the first four rounds in 2nd place, with the PD Factory Team's Pablo Hernandez in 3rd and Tommy Dellibac in 4th.
    As anyone who follows competitive Canopy Piloting knows, lead changes are to be expected and anything can happen as competition continues Friday morning with all three Speed rounds on the schedule.
    *At time of publication there were 3 reviews pending for round two of Zone Acc.

    Scores for all events of the competition can be found here:
    A live stream was planned for the event, but internet woes have limited the local teams to posting videos as they can. The LiveStream feed can be found:
    Finally, check out Skydive Pink's Facebook page for more pictures and updates as they are available. (https://www.facebook.com/SkydivePinkKlatovy)
    Stay tuned for a Day 2 update tomorrow!
    Photo Credits: Wolfgang Lienbacher

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    Independence Boogie 2013

    Chicagoland Skydiving Center is going all out this year with their annual Independence Boogie, which will be taking place between the 3rd and 7th of July, 2013. The event, which welcomes skydivers from around the world to join, promises to be one of the highlights of this year's boogie calendar. Pre-registrations are already open and early sign ups will ensure a quicker, more efficient check-in. CSC has stated that there will be a registration cap after 350 registrations.
    Organizers for the even include:
    Relative Work

    Sandy Grillet: 16-20 way FS sequentials and RW

    Regan Tetlow, Skydive Empuriabrava: RW and Shenanigans

    Karl Meyer, Skydive Arizona: RW and Shenanigans

    PJ Jackson, Supafly Skydiving: Angle Flying, Freefly

    Zach Sabel, SkyVenture Colorado: Freefly

    Lee “Kiwi” Hamilton, SkyVenture Colorado: Freefly

    Simon Bones: Weekend Freefly Skills Progression Camp

    Brian Buckland: Photo & Video

    Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum: Photo, Video, Official Party Organizer

    Event Schedule:
    Wednesday, July 3:

    Aircraft: Super Twin Otter, PAC 750, R44 Helicopter

    LOs: Sandy Grillet (16-20 way FS Sequentials), Karl Meyer (RW), Regan Tetlow (RW), PJ Jackson (Freefly), Zach Sabel (Freefly), Lee “Kiwi” Hamilton (One-on-one Coaching)

    Photo/Video: Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum

    Experienced Jump tickets: Hump Day Discount $19, $69 helicopter jumps

    Party: Live music at the Flight Deck Bar & Grill, bonfire and sand volleyball in the courtyard
    Thursday, July 4:

    Aircraft: Super Twin Otter, PAC 750, R44 Helicopter

    LOs: Sandy Grillet (16-20 way FS Sequentials), Karl Meyer (RW), Regan Tetlow (RW), PJ Jackson (Freefly), Zach Sabel (One-on-one Coaching), Lee “Kiwi” Hamilton (Freefly)

    Photo/Video: Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum

    Experienced Jump tickets: $25, $69 helicopter jumps

    Party: Boogie Beer Olympics sponsored by iSkydive, Live music at the Flight Deck Bar & Grill, bonfire in the courtyard.
    Boogie Beer Olympics: The event will offer 'beer olympics' where you can build your team of 4 and prepare to compete in a series of drinking games, starting with kegstand swoop n’ chug on sunset load. Homemade team uniforms strongly encouraged. The top three teams will be awarded in a medal ceremony.
    Friday, July 5:

    Aircraft: Super Twin Otter, PAC 750, R44 Helicopter

    LOs: Sandy Grillet (16-20 way FS Sequentials), Karl Meyer (RW), Regan Tetlow (RW), PJ Jackson (Freefly), Zach Sabel (Freefly), Lee “Kiwi” Hamilton (One-on-one coaching)

    Photo/Video: Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum, Brian Buckland

    Jump tickets: $25, $69 helicopter jumps

    Party: Hypoxic Film Festival followed by Live DJ in the hangar, bonfire in the courtyard and CSC's monthly Beer Fine Party. Free beer until the kegs are empty!
    Hypoxic Film Festival rules: One entry per person, films must be in some way related to skydiving and should be no longer than 5 minutes. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awarded with prizes sponsored by Hypoxic and SkyVenture Colorado.
    Saturday, July 6:

    Aircraft: Super Twin Otter, PAC 750, Skyvan, R44 Helicopter
    LOs: Sandy Grillet (RW), Karl Meyer (RW), Regan Tetlow (RW), PJ Jackson (Freefly), Simon Bones (Freefly Skills Camp), Zach Sabel (Freefly), Lee “Kiwi” Hamilton (Freefly)

    Photo/Video: Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum, Brian Buckland

    Jump tickets: $25, $69 helicopter jumps

    Party: Fireworks Show on the airport, Live band in the hangar, 007 James Bond Theme Party, Prize Drawing courtesy of CSC's many sponsors and vendors. There will be give-aways which include tunnel time, discounts, gear, free jumps and more.
    The event will also have a photobooth set up during the 007 Bond party, and you're encouraged to dress up! There will be prizes awarded to the jumpers whose photos receive the most likes on Facebook the week following the boogie. So go all out!
    Sunday, July 7:

    Aircraft: Super Twin Otter, PAC 750, Skyvan, R44 Helicopter

    LOs: Sandy Grillet (RW), Karl Meyer (RW), Regan Tetlow (RW), PJ Jackson (Freefly), Simon Bones (Freefly Skills Camp), Zach Sabel (Freefly), Lee “Kiwi” Hamilton (Freefly)

    Photo/Video: Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum, Brian Buckland

    Jump tickets: $25, $69 Helicopter jumps
    The event registration price of $40 includes t-shirt, PD pint glass, goodie bag, wristband for access to boogie beer, parties, fireworks show and organizers. Please note that all boogie LO jumps and freefly camp and jumps from the SkyVan require registration.

    Single-day registration: $20, walk up at manifest only. Cannot guarantee boogie bag availability for walk-ups.
    The price of a regular jump ticket is $25. If you buy 10 jumps at this price, you’ll get one added to your account for free. If you buy 25 jumps at this price, CSC will give you 3 for free.
    Wednesday only experienced jumps are $19.
    Any licensed skydiver who has never jumped at CSC before will receive their fist jump (from CSC aircraft) free. Just ask for it at manifest.
    CSC’s Super Twin Otter and PAC 750 are widely regarded as the nicest aircraft in the industry. In addition to their own fleet, they will have Skydive Chicago’s Skyvan for the weekend and an R44 helicopter.

    The award-winning Flight Deck Bar & Grill is on-site at CSC. Open for breakfast at 8am on weekdays and 7am on weekends. Lunch and dinner menu also available the rest of the day. Guests may eat indoors, on the patio, or grab quick items from the outdoor grill.

    Hint Water will be providing free refreshments throughout the event and the Red Bull Wings team will be there on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

    Performance Designs



    Icarus Canopies



    SkyVenture Colorado

    Cookie Composites




    and more to come!
    The Facilities:
    CSC has spent the past two years building some of the nicest skydiving facilities in the industry. The amazing new 20,000+ square foot campus offers a large array of services to clients including full-service restaurant & bar, retail space, grocery store, training classroom, team rooms, private offices, rigging loft, aircraft hangar, padded packing floor, flat screens mounted in the hangar for quick jump debrief, video lounge, private shower rooms, laundry, RV park (with water, sewer, electric, and internet), bonfire pit, sand volleyball court and much more. CSC have also got lightning-fast free WiFi available and generous area for camping.

    Where to stay:
    CSC are already at full capacity in their RV Park, but they welcome you to bring your trailer if you can park it elsewhere on the airport. They regret that they can not provide any additional power or water hookups at this time though. Camping is free, so feel free to bring a tent. Bathroom and shower facilities are available at all hours to those staying on the dropzone.
    In order to make sure everyone has the best accommodation possible, they have also compiled a list of information with regards to nearby hotels in the Rochelle area.
    If you plan to fly in, the major Chicago airports are O’Hare (ORD) and Midway (MDW). Both are about the same distance from the dropzone. We recommend just booking the best deal you can find. There is not a public transportation option to CSC, so please plan to arrange a ride, rent a car or book a shuttle. Hub Shuttle is available.
    For more information on the event, you're welcomed to contact Becky Johns at rebeccabjohns [at] gmail [dot] com with any questions, or visit the CSC website at: http://www.skydivecsc.com/

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