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2014 Annual Patriot's Boogie

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Between the 5th and 6th of July, Skydive Arizona will be hosting their annual Patriot's Boogie. The Patriot's Boogie will raise money in a bid to support the Special Ops Warrior Foundation (SOWF). The SOWF, which was established in 1980 is a non-profit organization that raises money in order to provide college educations to the surviving children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel that are killed in training or combat.

Skydivers are encouraged to come out and celebrate the 4th of July with Skydive Arizona, and give back to the families that have given for the country.

In 2010, Skydive Arizona and its patrons managed to raise $5,050 for the SOWF. In 2011, this was surprassed when they managed to raise a total of $8,171. In the year 2012, a total of $7,764 was raised, $7,704 in 2013. Let's see what can be done this year for the children of those personnel who have passed.

Fundraising Efforts

$25 registration fee matched and donated to the SOWF

$2 from every sport jump and $20 from every tandem jump donated to the SOWF

$20 raffle tickets for one hour of tunnel time proceeds donated to SOWF

Event Highlights

$22 lift tickets

Arizona Airspeed, Arizona Arsenal, and SDAZ load organizers

Event t-shirt with registration

Saturday after jumping: Pool party, boogie beer, and BBQ (FREE with registration) PLUS Summer Drink Mix Off (at the pool) - Make up a batch of your favorite summer drink and win prizes! Anyone can enter and win. Pay $5 to taste the entries and cast your vote for the best. All tasting fees will be donated to the SOWF.

For more information on this event and others please see www.skydiveaz.com/experienced/events. For more information on the SOWF please see www.specialops.org.



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