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Setting goals could be the single most important ingredient to success. There are basically three different types of goals: long, medium, and short-range. The long-range goal is where you need to start; everything falls in behind this one. You need to understand what you want, look at what you are willing to sacrifice, and decide on a long-range goal.

It is helpful if each individual goes through this process for himself, before the team does it as a unit. Individual long-range goals are usually a little more far reaching that the team ones and therefore must be decided upon first. Like any important team decisions, when deciding on the team’s end goal, be sure to agree by consensus. Everyone must own this goal. It would be easy for the more dominate character to push a decision through that isn’t really what everyone wants. If this happens it is unlikely that everyone will “buy” into the plan and you have just sown a seed for future conflicts.

Now that you know where the team is going, it is necessary to make a map on how to get there. Here you need to make a series of medium-range goals that will roughly outline your path to success. In this stage of planning, it is very helpful to have a professional with you to give expert guidance on what is necessary to reach your end goal.

Short-range goals are better made as you go along. Your strengths and weaknesses are hard to predict and therefore must be addressed as you go. However, do be clear about what subjects you would like to make goals around and how often you will be making and debriefing them.

Do not fear making goals because you may not reach them. This is quite normal and very OK. If a goal proves to be ambitious rethink it and adjust the goal.

Examples of Goals:

  • Block Times
  • Exit Break Times
  • Meet Averages
  • Personal Conduct
  • Team Conduct
  • Second Point Times
  • Personal Effort
  • Team Effort
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • (…)

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