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Why was my ad marked as a scam

By adminon - Read 11820 times

We use a number of criteria to determine whether we mark an ad as a SCAM or not. If you believe your ad was unjustly flagged, please send an email to [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Your USPA (or other licensing organization) number.
  • How long you've been jumping, how many jumps you've done, the name of your home DZ.
  • The name of your DZO or Instructor, and his/her contact info.
  • When and who did you buy this gear from?
  • Your phone number.

We apologize in advance it your ad was wrongly identified as a scam. We are very serious about the security of our users and the integrity of our Classifieds, and prefer to err on the side of caution. Thank you for understanding.



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Ummm, I posted a SCAM against a buyer who contact ME about my posting..this was not a SCAM, the buyer I reported IS!!!!

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It might be legit, but his email address kicks back is all. If it's you, please repost! And also, I'd like to buy the canopy.--Kevin Gibson
Also--anyone reading-0-appreciate a vote for me as USPA national director! I think I can do some good. (Had to say that. ) :-)

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