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Classifed Ad Listing Guidelines

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The Dropzone.com Skydiving Classifieds is a FREE service to the global skydiving community. It has grown to become one of the most popular places to buy and sell skydiving gear. We plan to keep it that way and will continue to add new features but we ask that you help us by following a few simple rules and guidelines to keep this place tidy.

1) Your ad must be skydiving related

The Dropzone.com Classifieds are for skydiving related ads. Any ads that does not relate to the sport or industry of skydiving will be removed.

2) List your ad to a single category only

Please pick the most appropriate category and list your ad in that. Any multiple posts will be removed - all of them, not only the duplicate. Ads that are in the wrong category may be moved or removed. No SPAM will be allowed.


Do not post subject lines or ads in upper case letters. Upper case letters are rude and considered shouting.

4) No HTML

You are not allowed to use any HTML anywhere in your ad. Any ads containing HTML will be deleted.

5) No ==>"Eye Catchers"<==

Do not use "eye catchers" in your subject lines to try and draw attention to your ad. Examples are adding characters like ==> <== or ** ** around the subject. Please type a clear descriptive subject only. These characters make a classifieds board look tacky and is not in line with the Dropzone.com brand of providing clear un-cluttered content. Help us keep it tidy. Ads that use this practice will be removed.

6) URL or Links only

Your ad has to contain material and substantive information about the item you are selling. The Dropzone.com classifieds is a free service for people who want to list their gear for sale. It is not set up as a "links directory" to external sites where gear is being sold. Premier Members has the option to add an external link to their ads.

7) Ebay links

If you choose to sell your gear on Ebay then please do not place and ad on Dropzone.com with a link out to EBay only. See the guidelines above. Ads like this may be removed.

8) Duplicate ads

If you decide to post something that has already been posted again then you have delete your original post first. If a duplicate ad for the same item is found both will be removed.

9) Companies advertising

While skydiving gear sellers are at this stage welcome to list items in the classifieds we ask that you not abuse this privilege. Do not spam the classifieds with items and please list proper information about each item for sale, not just links to your site or a general "sales" announcement. If gear sellers abuse this privilege access to the classifieds for all companies may be suspended. please work with us on this. :-)

10) PayPal Fee Compensation

It is against the PayPal terms of service to request that the buyer compensate for PayPal fees included in the transaction. We recommend that the seller include any PayPal compensation he requires into the price of the actual product.

That's it for now...

We reserve the right to refuse service and remove any ad without providing a reason. Repeat offenders and spammers will have their usernames disabled.

Thanks for supporting Dropzone.com and thank you for helping us keep the Classifieds tidy and easy to use for everyone.



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I am much more comfortable dealing with people who have made the effort to fill out their profile.

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