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Dropzone.com Article Submission Guidelines

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Dropzone.com aims to provide its audience with quality content that is relevant and factual. We have established this style guide to help our authors produce fresh and interesting content that fulfils our users’ needs, while branding yourself as expert in your field.

Dropzone.com Content Submission Guidelines

The intention of this document is to outline some of the primary guidelines that should be adhered to when writing or submitting content to dropzone.com. Following these guidelines will greatly increase the likelihood of content being accepted and subsequently published. It is our goal to push quality content out to our readers and to ensure that all content that is published, is relevant to our readers and will remain so in the future.

You will be able to find guidelines for each specific type of article, for example; an article that is intended for photojournalistic purposes will differ in required criteria to an article which focuses on technical safety.

Media Inserts: Articles must contain at least one image. Should attribution be required with regards to the images, please rename the image files to reflect this. We recommended a minimum resolution of 1440x900 for images.

Should you submit an article via an e-mail or .txt document and the placement of your images need to be in any specific order, you should denote this with the following tag [Image photographersname.jpg] within the article where you want the image to appear.

Likewise, adding an embedded video from Youtube or Vimeo can be done by simply included the video URL or embed code into the article where you want the video.

General Information Article

General articles would cover such topics as technical safety, buyers guides, advice and disciplines. These articles have a minimum required word count of 750, without any maximum limit.

Interview Article

Interview articles are articles that consist in their entirety of interviews with relevant persons. This can be professional skydivers, gear manufacturers etc.

A minimum of 500 words is required, with no limit on the maximum amount.

Interview articles should clearly display the information of which person is being quoted, example (Interviewer: “QUOTE”).

Review Articles

Review articles can be submitted, so long that the product being reviewed is directly related to skydiving. This incorporates such things as gear, mounted action cameras and skydiving mobile apps.

A minimum of 500 words is required for review articles.

Reviews should remain factual and void of bias. It is expected that the reviewer will explain each conclusion he draws and seek to accurately articulate as to why he or she comes to said conclusions.

Event Articles

Event articles are article write ups on specific events, such as a write up on a boogie that one attended.

It is important to decide for these articles whether one wants to write an event article or a photojournalistic article (see below for guidelines on a photojournalist article). The guidelines on an event article would require a minimum of 750 words.

Photographic Report

A photographic journalism entry (photographic report) differs in guidelines from the information content articles in several ways.

A photographic report has its focus on the images and video inside the article, while textual content would be required, the emphasis would remain on the multimedia side of things.

An article of this nature should have a minimum of 7 images, with a maximum of 20. On average each image should be accompanied by around 50 to 100 words, describing what the image is of. We will accept photographic reports which have 300 words or more.

Please ensure that photographic submissions to this category are of high resolution and quality.

Cases where one may create a media based article would be for example; product release launches, gear modifications, event write-ups etc.

Press Release Articles

We allow the submission and publication of press releases, pending the relevance to the skydiving community. We will strive to quickly push out press releases that are related to safety issues, such as gear recalls.

Press releases can be anywhere from 400 words onwards, the featuring of these press releases are dependent on quality and importance. Typically we will not run a feature on a press release unless it has to do with a safety issue or a new product release.

Should the press release be related to the announcement of a new product, we recommend at least 2 images of the product to go along with the press release. A minimum of 1 will be accepted. For recalls and other safety issues, there is no requirement for associated images, though a 640x360 image of the item in question or the related company’s logo is recommended.

Press releases will be submitted as news items on dropzone.com

For more information, or to discuss compensation - please contact us at editor@dropzone.com



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User Feedback

I wish that someone would write an article about LEARNING. A recent swooping incident, in the USA has illustrated this. Rather than take the position that we should hang a well meaning individual, I advance the idea, that this individual has learned a very valuable lesson, that they now can share with the rest of the skydiving community.
Otherwise the age old scenario of shooting the messenger continues. Perhaps a very few vocal and zealous individuals feel that they can bully and intimidate others into taking some ill informed action,...but the net result is that once again the cycle will continue. This is a very political and knee jerk type of reaction that never has served anyone in the long run.
The idea that they knew better and should have set a better example is not sufficient cause to warrant the expulsion of anyone on the Board, unless that said activity has affected their ability to serve on that same board. But considering that the vast majority of skydivers always know better than everyone else, without any real world examples to draw from just indicates the hypocrisy of the many internet warriors that exists here.
I support Rich W. and hope that he elects to stay on the Board!! His newfound respect for the realities of skydiving as compared with endless and pointless rhetoric indicate he will be better able to understand, and more importantly implement his position with greater effectiveness now as compared with the past. IN SHORT HE HAS LEARNED SOMETHING AND WE WILL ALL BE BETTER SERVED IF HE STAYS!!!
This is the point of learning, and listening, something that is in short supply around here.

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