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Dropzone.com Contact Information:


21 Aberdeen Road

Somerset West


South Africa

Email: support@dropzone.com

Getting answers

Here are some guidelines to help you get the answers you
need. I receive a crazy amount of email. Please help me
manage this as effectively a possible by following the
guidelines below. In many cases someone else from the
Dropzone.com community may be able to answer your question
better than me. This should help you find them!

Skydiving Questions

Dropzone Forums If
you have a general skydiving related question, please ask it in
the Dropzone Forums. You
will get answers from more people than just me, most of whom
probably know better than I do! Your question and answer will
also be available for others to learn from. I visit these forums
every day and will certainly help when I can. Select the forum
that fits your question best and fire away!

> Dropzone Forums

Site Related

I have set up a few site related boards that you can use for
feedback, suggestions and bug reports. Feel free to leave me a
message there. I'll also gather a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). If you have a
question, please go there first. If you ask me a question
that has been answered here, I'll simply refer you back to the
FAQ page. If you've tried everything as explained in the FAQ's
and still have questions, email me at support@dropzone.com

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User Feedback

I purchased a phantom X helmet from a seller on fri 9/14 seller said he would ship next day didnt happen he has had minimal contact with me through text messaging text again on tues 9/19 said would have tracking # for me by end of the thethe day and that never happend and today not reply...just would like some directions on what to do about this?? And what are my options?? Thank you

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your home sounds like paradise i am USPA rated Sigma TI
if you need any help, i would love to come visit
i have done 6 month motorbike around asia , i love it
please feel free to write to me any time .....verry nice :)

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Never ordered brfore. Need a AAD. How do I know or how can I know the seller exists as a Skydiver and will send me the device after they get paid

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I need information to coordinate a jump. Can't make contact with any one in Skopje. Thanks

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I purchased a vigil from a person on dz.com and 3 weeks went by with minimal contact and no vigil...luckily i paid through paypal, filed a dispute, and got my 1000.00 back....how did you paY?

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I recently sold a canopy on this site and it was great. I also bought a canopy last week and have not received it, nor will the sender contact me back now. Is there a way to track this guy or purchase ???

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your that scared of me????
All you guys need to do, if you were so inclined, was to just ask. Instead you want to run with rumor and innuendo???
You could be more successful but instead you chose to run scared, well I guess it's your ball, so have fun. If ever anyone wants to play at being an adult, I'd imagine you can always find me.

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One of my recommendations, or perhaps better said "findings" from researching many users of "Public" forums: Was that the "moderators" need to be extremely mindful of their comments and actions. No one appreciates having their comments deleted without explanation or reason. The recommendation was that the moderators be limited to just using the strike thru feature for most everything they do and in those instances where totally offensive words are used, to delete just the offensive word and in any event in each and every case a moderator does something, they need to explain why it is offensive or has been deleted. As it is; the current state of affairs, has created much derision amongst the users. Worth saying again the moderators need to explain fully their actions they need to be accountable to the users. Otherwise the perception, and rightly so considering the declining user numbers, is that the moderators have their own agendas and hidden motives. But of course many moderators here know better than the rest of us, which is why this site suffers as it does. Too many personalities, not enough public forum.
Other recommendations: were to limit the number of posts any user can make in a 24 hour period, (many "Power" users make over 15, ((meaningless)) posts a day.) and the moderators need to be mindful that many long standing users, don't actually provide any meaning-full contributions whatsoever, but use many of the topical forums for their own social gratifications. Folks, that is what places like Facebook are for! The net result is that just about any newbie to DZ.com is literally driven away! The idea that users must read and wait for "years" before asking anything and or contributing,...is just wrong! You have an opportunity to educate but alas the small minority of (tolerated) power users, regularly debase and lampoon as compared with educating.
And of course for those of you that suffer from internet addictions you can always seek help and I am always available to point anyone in a better direction. :)

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Hi my name is Jeff Peterson been a member for many years and all has been wonderful. The last few times I have tried to contact a seller about a item my mail comes back to me saying Failure notice , ??? do you know why I am being blocked ??? thanks please get back with me.. I use AOL as my mail provider and nothing is blocked with them or my settings ?? thanks jeff

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Thank you for helping me get my stolen gear back. Within hours of posting the information I was contacted by the staff of a skydiving facility that they had my gear and two bad guys were in custody.

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