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349 Tukwila Pkwy
Tukwila, Washington
United States

206-244-4359  (5943 Hits)

Height: 100 feet
Diameter: 14 feet
Speed: 210 mph

Tunnel Type:

Gear Requirements:
Jumpsuit and Goggles Supplied

Age Restrictions:
Participants must be at least 3 years old.

Trading Hours:
Weekdays: 11:00 - 23:00
Weekends: 09:00 - 23:00


5 Minutes: 99 USD
10 Minutes: 195 USD
15 Minutes: 285 USD
30 Minutes: 525 USD
60 Minutes: 975 USD
Training packages from 60 USD.


iFLY Seattle is the largest wind tunnel west of the Mississippi River, and the first indoor skydiving facility in the Pacific Northwest. It is sited in a retail and entertainment power center adjacent to Seattle’s South Center Mall. This tunnel is capable of speeds of up to 160mph/257 kmph, and features curved, laminated glass walls, an airlock, SkyVenture’s patented wall-to-wall airflow, and multiple high-efficiency axial fans.

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Rated by: adamUK on Jul 25 2014 10:36PM

Good tunnel, worth a visit. 
Pros: Good vibe, smooth tunnel.
Cons: Facilites a bit sparse on site

I visited this tunnel with the family whilst on vacation.

This is the 14ft, 1600hp (1.2 MW) skyventure unit so has plenty of power for HD flying and as usual it's got smooth airflow and only a small burble by the door. It has a diffuser which means that the airflow speed is reduced as you go higher in the tunnel.

The staff are friendly and very customer-focused. From the guys I spoke to the technical standard of the instructors appears to be high and they are super-stoked tunnel flyers & skydivers.

The tunnel suits are okay (well, better than those at iFly tunnels in the UK) but a very baggy (one-size-fits nobody) size. Use your own stuff.

The only refreshments are from vending machines so if you think you're going to be hungry then eat beforehand. There's plenty of places close by.

The viewing area is quite small.

Cost-wise it's not massively expensive (for tunnel rates at least) but it's not cheap either. They do have pro-flyer rates.

The booking system is a bit clunky, for example the group booking date field resets when you select the tunnel location despite the date field being placed before the location field. The site also could not process my booking, claiming that the time had already been taken. A 'phone call to the tunnel clarified that the site was wrong and time was available so I booked over the phone. It's probably just best to book by phone.

Other stuff:
There's a couple of creeper areas marked out with a 14ft ring but this had been taken over as a meeting or events room. Creepers are available.

I could find one team room for use by pro-flyers for briefing/debriefing.

There's a screen that's on a 2 minute delay available in the holding area to review your rotation.

There's an electronic waiver/disclaimer/don't sue us system which appeared to be a tad contrived but otherwise okay. The reception desk did seem exceptionally busy.

It's really close to the SeaTac airport.

The tunnel itself is great for flying in. The guys are super friendly and super stoked. The onsite facilities aren't class-leading but that's no biggie if you're prepared.

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Rated by: D22369 on Jun 28 2014 12:07AM

waaay too much fun 
Pros: great facility, staff and atmosphere
Cons: cant think of a single thing

Friendly instructors who are incredibly talented and take the time to explain what you need to be doing and how to do it. My 11yr old son made his 1st flight june 25th and spend the next two days talking about the next trip. Our instructor Brandon obviously loves his job :-)

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Rated by: danielcroft on Apr 18 2014 12:28PM

Great staff at one of the best tunnels 
Pros: Powerful, instructors, staff
Cons: um...

The older style 14' at iFly Seattle is very powerful and while it doesn't have the new, fancy all glass (plastic, whatevs) construction like at iFly Austin/Dallas, the joins in the walls are great for spotting your location when you're trying to be on heading. In D4W (for example) you want to know where you are in the tunnel, having points of reference is helpful. The staff there are super nice and helpful, the airport is within walking distance (if you're nuts like me) but close enough for a short cab ride. There are restaurants and places to eat right there as well as plenty of hotels.

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