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Oberst Bulls veg 28

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Height: 56 feet
Diameter: 14 feet

Tunnel Type:


5 Minutes: 600 NOK
10 Minutes: 1150 NOK
30 Minutes: 3300 NOK
60 Minutes: 6400 NOK
Training packages from 750 NOK.


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Rated by: danielcroft on Apr 30 2014 2:47PM

ISG tunnels are smooth and Voss is beautiful 
Pros: The ISG design, Voss is beautiful, instructors, Norway
Cons: Voss isn't exactly easy to get to, cost

The ISG design makes for extremely smooth airflow. The town of Voss is very nice, beautiful and picturesque. There are reasonable restaurants and places to stay, although I camped. The dropzone is nearby and while this isn't a review of the dropzone, let me just say that the people are incredible and the dropzone is great. My favorite boogie ever was the Voss Freefly Festival. That included tunnel time and coaching at VossVind. Depending on where you're coming from, Norway can be very expensive so there's that to consider but do yourself a favor and visit one of the best dropzones and tunnel combinations in the world. Incredible instructors make it the full experience. Despite getting marked down a little on accessibility and facilities, this tunnel would be rated a 11 out of 5 for me.

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