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Skydiving Videos : Freeflying : Sit fly lesson at Skydive Rotterdam

Sit fly lesson at Skydive Rotterdam

Submitted by SergeLight on 2012-04-03    VideosRatingsCommentsProfile

This was part of the Pandora Free-fly weekend at Skydive Rotterdam In Holland. I'm already capable of sitfly-ing the entire jump but I had touble with leveling. My instructor Eli was very helpful in teaching my some techniques for leveling and controlling my body position. But during this jump I was to busy thinking about all the techniques and body positions that I didn't relax and control myself. Nevertheless is was FUN!

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TKruger  TKruger
Very Nice!!! What device is making that tone on your way down? Protrack? I noticed the sticker on your helmet.

Thanks! I indeed own a Protrack but obviouslly that not my beeb you are hearing, but the one of my instructor/camera man ;) I believe he has an Optima II because he has "under canopy beebs" the Solo or the Pro track don't have this option. I'm not familiar with other brands.

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