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Skydiving Videos : Exits : Door Time For Students

Door Time For Students

Submitted by NickDG on 2007-09-26 Modified:2007-09-27    VideosRatingsCommentsProfile
In the early 1980s consumer video cameras first started appearing on the market and on the DZ. These were the days before AFF & long before tandem and all students did static line jumps. And it was good. I shot this in early 1981, the first weekend I had

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I did 7 static line jumps from a huey back in 1980. Your video brings back a lot of memories-- the helmets, the boots, even the goggles with the vents. It would have been great to see your camera duct taped to your helmet. Those things were HUGE! BTW, landing a round with all those houses must've been exciting too.
Thanks for posting! That's a cool video, I especially like it how the instructor 'assists' some of these jumpers. This is from before I was born :P. By the way, what's the altitude?
5 out of 5 stars Awesome video! Talk about "gear changing".... I learned only 6 years later than when this was shot and EVERYTHING was different. Ram air canopies, Pro Tec helmets... but they did have better spotting lessons then.

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