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Skydiving Videos : Emergencies : what not to do with a line twist parachute malfunction

what not to do with a line twist parachute malfunction

Submitted by dennyvollmar on 2011-10-14    VideosRatingsCommentsProfile
this was a few years back. I only had about 500 jumps when I had this malfunction. When the canopy leveled off from the diving spins you notice that I was kicking the wrong way, inducing more line twists. If I had looked to see what way the twists were going, I could have most likely kicked out of them being that the canopy stayed flying straight and level. As for the 1,000 feet I burned up after the cut away in a attempt to pull the reserve? Well this is due to the last 500 plane rides just before getting out of the plane doing a half-ass handle check! before every jump I would touch my cutaway handle and reserve handle but only practice pulling about 6 inches away from me instead of fully extending my arms out. So when the time came to actually pull the reserve handle my muscle memory said extend your arm 6 inches. 6 inches is not enough "

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