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Skydiving Videos : Emergencies : Wingsuit Double Malfunction

Wingsuit Double Malfunction

Submitted by TLob456 on 2011-07-20    VideosRatingsCommentsProfile
Parachute malfunction on a wingsuit jump. I'm posting so that others can maybe learn a bit from the video and be more prepared if/when something happens to them. Constructive comments are welcomed but bitching is not. After cutting away the main, the RSL deployed the reserve which caused the reserve bridle to wrap under my chin and around the right wing of the suit. I initiated my deployment around 4.5K and was under a fully functional reserve by 2.2K. Pulling a bit high certainly made this situation much better and less stressful for me. Relevant stats below. Canopy:Nitron 135 loaded at 1.33 Suit: TonySuits T-Bird Reserve: 143 PD Reserve Container: Infinity RSL: yes Jump experience: 379th jump, 9th WS jump

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Zlew  Zlew
Glad you mad it!
mstlaurent  mstlaurent
Wow, that's a scary video.

The problem is that you were still "twisting" quite rapidly when you cut away and you wrapped the bridle around you. You should have waited until the twisting slowed down before cutting away.

You probably know that it's not recommended to use an elliptical canopy for WS so I won't comment, it's your choice.

Congratulations for saving your life.

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