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Skydiving Videos : Emergencies : Skydiving Instructor Makes Very Serious Mistake

Skydiving Instructor Makes Very Serious Mistake

Submitted by av8rdav on 2008-05-26    VideosRatingsCommentsProfile
I shot this video in September 1997. It is a tandem skydive where the instructor wears the parachute and harness and the student is in a harness attatched to the instructors harness at four points. 2 at shoulder level and 2 at waist level. The instructor

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The Instructor also left his goggle on his frap hat for exit.
I was flying a tandem when the instructor did just this. Fortunately he discovered the mistake when he was half-way out the door, so he climbed back in and corrected the problem, then climbed back out to an otherwise uneventful jump.
That is unbelievable... The list of things could go on.. The lower connection point are no were near tigt enough... His main flap is wide open.. The goggles on his forehead.. Makes you wonder what else he had forgotten!!!
His license should be revoked.
anarki  anarki
5 out of 5 stars i just dont have the words. if it was me and i saw my video or heard what happen.(i'm sure this guy has no idea what just happen) i would stomp a mud hole in his ass.

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