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Skydiving Videos : Emergencies : 3-Way Skydive with Parachute Malfunction and Cutaway

3-Way Skydive with Parachute Malfunction and Cutaway

Submitted by ajmd20 on 2013-06-04    VideosRatingsCommentsProfile
Great skydive until I pulled. There were some line twists which my slider was tangled in. The stuck slider prevented the canopy from fully inflating which caused the canopy to spin out of control. I cut that junk away at 2100 feet and had a good chute above me at about 1800 feet. I didn't even this that I was doing a cutaway. It was just emergency procedure time and I went back to AFF training. Thanks to the other people in the 3 way skydive for their support. Thanks to Chambersburg Skydiving Center for letting me use their ladder to get my canopy out of the tree. And thanks Dave DeWolfe for packing my reserve. It was a smooth and fast reserve opening.

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redramdriver  redramdriver
Nice, smooth cut=away.
5 out of 5 stars Way to stay alive. Good job bro!
5 out of 5 stars Looks like nice stable body position. Did you pack that?

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