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Skydiving Videos : AFF : AFF Level VII, 1st attempt (passed)

AFF Level VII, 1st attempt (passed)

Submitted by Exu on 2011-10-10    VideosRatingsCommentsProfile
My sweet reward for more than a year of fear (not through with this ;) ), frustrations, re-re-re-jumps (totalled to 15), and 50 mins in the tunnel... (sorry for the music :( )

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ludikris  ludikris
Im right there too but failed this one.. Im having issues keeping loose and controlling my body.. I jumped out cannonball (uncontrolled) got stable.. then tried to turn and then got into an uncontrolled spin.. had to dump early and untwist lines caused by the spin... :( only done 9 jumps without any tunnel time.. so, I'm not gonna jump till I hit a tunnel ... and I thought it was gonna be alot easier than
Dude it looks like you did great! What was the cause of struggle if I may ask? I myself have had an 8 month break and have to re do level 5. I was mad at first but eventually I figured what the hell.
Thanks :) (yeah, I DID great this jump) - Problem no. 1 probably was my own nervousity preventing me to relax. The break-through came in the last tunnel session when after about 25 minutes of rising despair I just kind of gave up - and suddenly became stable (wow...). Level 7 was great, because I really had fun and confidence all the time. Prob. no. 2 (eventually vanished) were very unstable side lines (I tended to twist/bend sidewards). Current and ongoing main issue for me (I had 2 solo jumps since then) will probably be the awareness of where my feet are and feeling my hands - managed to make that on this jump but couldn't hold that afterwards. But I feel, I'm on my way.

BTW: I had to jump level 5 three times for pausing reasons passing each of them and jumped level 3 four times never really passing it... *grin*

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