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Wing Load Calculators

Flying smaller and smaller canopies seems to be the in the order of the day. Experienced skydivers, use the calculators below to determine a recommended minimum canopy size. Novices, for your safety consult with your Safety Officer or Jumpmaster before buying new equipment.

Recommended Canopy Sizes

Your Weight (lbs) *
Your Equipment Weight (lbs) *
Desired Wing Load (lbs/ft²) *
Recommended Canopy Size (ft²)

Current Wingload

Your Weight (lbs) *
Your Equipment Weight (lbs) *
Current Canopy Size (ft²)*
Current Wingload (lbs/ft²)

How to Use the Wing Load Calculators

  • In each calculator, fill in all the fields marked * and hit the "Calculate" button.
  • The fields that are already filled in can be changed.
  • All the different weight settings should be entered in lbs. If you only know your weight in kg, I've created some weight converters you can use to do the conversions to lbs.
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