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Skydiving Safety Articles

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In skydiving, as in any other risky endeavor there exists a direct relationship between your knowledge, skill and attitude, and your chances of survival. Explore the categories below for a wide range of skydiving safety and training related articles. Never stop learning.

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On-Point Off-Landings: A Primer - 2016-02-09 by Annette O'Neil

On-Point Off-Landings: A Primer As skypeople, we love “off.” Offbeat. Offhand. Offside. And, y’know -- we’re all a little off, really. Off landings should fit right into our oddball little world. Unfortunately, lots of skydivers tend to be ill prepared for an unscheduled landing out in the real world. Are ...

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4 Smart Questions That Shut Down The Spin Cycle - 2016-01-14 by Annette O'Neil

4 Smart Questions That Shut Down The Spin Cycle Even though they’re eminently preventable, spinners remain a very statistically significant cause of cutaways. There’s good news, however: A little attention will go a long way towards making sure you aren’t dancing downward under a misbehaving main. Here’s how to get your...

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Hearing Safety For Skydivers: It’s A Thing - 2015-12-01 by Annette O'Neil

Hearing Safety For Skydivers: It’s A Thing If you want to keep the good sounds coming in to your skyward-tilting brain, you’d better take some responsibility. There are probably some things you don’t know about the holes alongside your head, after all.

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Is Your Rig Freefly-Friendly or Preemie-Prone - 2015-11-23 by Annette O'Neil

Is Your Rig Freefly-Friendly or Preemie-Prone You’re going to point your belly button away from the ground when you fall out of a plane. YES. You’re gonna point it at the horizon. You’re going to point it at other people. You’re going to sit around and look at it while you slide backward. You’re going to take your...

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How To Clean Your Container - 2015-11-16 by Annette O'Neil

How To Clean Your Container If you’ve managed to drag your beautiful gear through the mud, you’re going to have to stare at it in shame for a while before you make a move. Wait for it to dry completely -- which may take a couple of days -- then scrub off what you can with a dry brush.

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What To Ask Yourself Before You Mess With Your AAD - 2015-11-12 by Annette O'Neil

What To Ask Yourself Before You Mess With Your AAD Just a quick note, friend: you might want to poke a little deeper. According to the USPA, there have been no less than nine fatalities related to AAD fires at designated firing altitudes that did not result in fully inflated canopies before impact. The point is that these...

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Skydiving Fatality Reports:

Fatalities by Category:

Collisions (96) Collisions 15%
Landings (209) Landings 32%
No Pulls (59) No Pulls 9%
Malfunctions (122) Malfunctions 19%
Reserve Problems (26) Reserve Problems 4%
Other (89) Other 14%
Total (653)