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Skydiving Safety Articles

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In skydiving, as in any other risky endeavor there exists a direct relationship between your knowledge, skill and attitude, and your chances of survival. Explore the categories below for a wide range of skydiving safety and training related articles. Never stop learning.

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Recommended Safety Articles for Safety Month - 2018-03-06 by

Recommended Safety Articles for Safety Month March is safety month, and what better time than just before the Northern Hemisphere's summer season to refresh yourself on information you may be rusty on, or just become more educated in the various safety aspects. Last year we published an article with what we felt were...

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Boogie Turmoil Survival Tips - 2018-02-08 by Joel Strickland

Boogie Turmoil Survival Tips Boogies, skills camps and destination events are now available in the farthest reaches of the globe - taking place in countries that range from reassuringly orderly to exhilaratingly shambolic. Wherever you are heading, be sure to bone up on all the information you might...

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All About Naked Skydiving - 2018-01-19 by Annette O'Neil

All About Naked Skydiving Milwaukee might seem like an odd place to rack up a truly epic number of naked skydives. You might expect conservatism and bitter winters to, y’know, get in the way. However, that’s exactly what Jeff Dawson--based at Sky Knights, near Milwaukee--has been doing for more than ...

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Is It Time For A Reline: Here's How to Know - 2018-01-11 by Annette O'Neil

Is It Time For A Reline: Here's How to Know Do your suspension lines have a noticeable five-o'clock shadow? Maybe it’s time for your gear to spend the weekend with your friendly neighborhood rigger. If you’re unsure, you’re not alone--plenty of skydivers hem and haw about this particularly important aspect of canopy...

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A Guide To Traveling With Your Gear - 2018-01-02 by Joel Strickland

A Guide To Traveling With Your Gear Getting into skydiving opens up many opportunities for travel. You might live somewhere where the weather is shit all the time, or simply want to take advantage of the beautiful places available to jump around the world. Traveling with your gear can be a worrisome...

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Understanding Camera Switches - 2017-12-12 by Joel Strickland

Understanding Camera Switches Taking photos while skydiving is easier today than it has ever been, yet doing the job properly remains serious business. Camera technology marches ceaselessly forwards, and while the gap between the products aimed at the casual consumer and the lofty professional is...

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Skydiving Fatality Reports:

Fatalities by Category:

Collisions (116) Collisions 15%
Landings (238) Landings 30%
No Pulls (63) No Pulls 8%
Malfunctions (146) Malfunctions 19%
Reserve Problems (33) Reserve Problems 4%
Other (109) Other 14%
Total (782)