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Skydiving Safety Articles

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In skydiving, as in any other risky endeavor there exists a direct relationship between your knowledge, skill and attitude, and your chances of survival. Explore the categories below for a wide range of skydiving safety and training related articles. Never stop learning.

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Recommended Safety Articles for Safety Month - 2015-03-06 by

Recommended Safety Articles for Safety Month March is safety month, and what better time than just before the Northern Hemisphere's summer season to refresh yourself on information you may be rusty on, or just become more educated in the various safety aspects. Last year we published an article with what we felt were...

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Teaching Students To Navigate The Landing Pattern - 2015-02-26 by Corey Miller

Teaching Students To Navigate The Landing Pattern When talking to students on the radio we, as humans, can get complacent after a while or even forget the real purpose for use being there. The job of an instructor on the radio is not to just land the student safely, but to teach the student how to do it themself one day. ...

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Marketing To The Millennials - 2015-02-19 by James La Barrie

Marketing To The Millennials There’s a lot of good news about Millennials for the skydiving industry (for example, they put experiential value ahead of ‘stuff’), but there's some bad news too: many of us haven't adjusted our marketing plan to capture the Millennial market. We've only just begun to dip...

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Boost Your Marketing with Lagniappe - 2015-01-12 by James La Barrie

Boost Your Marketing with Lagniappe As the skydiving market continues to grow and more dropzones open their doors, finding creative ways to make your DZ stand out from the competition is more important than ever. One simple way to gain a competitive advantage is to add lagniappe to your arsenal of marketing...

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Staying Current During Winter - 2014-12-17 by Brian Germain

Staying Current During Winter The winter months are a great opportunity to catch up on all the things we weren’t doing throughout the summer, such as working on our homes, engaging in winter sports, and mending relationships with our non-skydiving friends. It is also a time that can lead to a dulling of ...

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Exit Order Safety - 2014-10-21 by Brian Germain

Exit Order Safety There are many different views on exit order, although only some of them are based in science. The following exit order plan is based on the principle of "prop blast penetration": the degree to which a jumper remains under the aircraft based on the drag produced by their...

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