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Learn to Skydive


Learn to Skydive Online - 2012-03-22 by Brian Germain

Learn to Skydive Online "When we first posted that we were launching a live online canopy course, the beginning of many online adventure safety courses, a number of people asked me if I was joking."
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Learn to Skydive - Get started in 5 Steps - 2004-10-17 by admin popular

So you've decided to spice things up a bit and jump out of a plane! Or maybe learning how to skydive has been a dream you've had all your life and the time has come to make it happen. Whatever your...
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Be Aware Of The Risk And Requirements - 2004-10-08 by admin

There are some real risks involved when learning how to skydive which makes it important to have the necessary knowledge and skills about this "extreme" sport.
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Choose a method of skydiving training - 2004-10-07 by admin popular

Depending on how much time you have, how much cash you've got to spend, and how strong your nerves are, you have three options for what method of skydiving you'll use for your first jump: tandem,...
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Find a reputable Drop Zone - 2004-10-06 by admin

Well, now that you've made up your mind that you want to do this you can't just rent a parachute from the costume store on the main street and take a leap out of your cousin's Cessna! Not only would...
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Set a date and jump! - 2004-10-05 by admin

You know how we are. We plan and plan and don't get to it. Set a date, get out there and make the jump! If at all possible gather some friends together to do it with you. Doing a first jump course or ...
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Next - Get licensed! - 2004-10-04 by admin

You've done it! You loved it. We know you did but don't mind you telling us anyway! We gave you a nice cheesy certificate and if you wanted them, you also got some cool photos and a video to impress...
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