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Freefall Photography

Hey Bro, Check Out my Go Pro - 2013-05-07 by Melissa Nelson updated

Hey Bro, Check Out my Go Pro The sleek, low-profile design, an easy-to-use system, so small itís hardly there, and itís oh-so-glorious high quality images Ė the Go Pro, Hero. In this social media society, the Go Pro is...
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Climb Out, Freak Out, Chill Out - 2010-02-24 by Niklas Daniel

Climb Out, Freak Out, Chill Out This article is for jumpers that already have some experience flying camera and are trying to expand on their knowledge of how to film formation-teams in a competition setting. I will focus mainly on ...
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Camera Considerations 101 - 2009-08-28 by Douglas Spotted Eagle

Camera Considerations 101 Flying with a camera can be a lot of fun, and is a reasonably easy goal for new skydivers to achieve. Before beginning, youíll need to make a couple of gear decisions straight off, and this article...
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Big BANG/Small Bucks - 2009-02-19 by Douglas Spotted Eagle

Big BANG/Small Bucks Every now and again, a camera comes along that seems to be suitable for just about every skydiving need. Sony's new CX100 is that "now and again." Find out why in this review
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The GoPro Hero - 2009-02-03 by dse

The GoPro Hero It may not be the Incredible Hulk, but it is, Super Cool! The GoPro Hero is a surprise in the world of low-budget action sport photography...Reviewer Douglas Spotted Eagle tells you why...
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GetHypoxic HYPEYE D Pro - 2009-01-13 by douglas spotted eagle

GetHypoxic HYPEYE D Pro GetHypoxic! The new HYPEYE D Pro Remote Camcorder indicator control is a lot more than just a button.
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Filming your first four-way team - 2002-08-19 by Paul Quade

First things first. I assume they're giving you some sort of compensation in the form of a free slot or maybe slot plus a small amount of cash. Understand that since they hired you, they probably...
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Book Review: Flying the Camera - by Patrick Weldon - 2000-10-21 by Robbie Culver

It would be difficult, at best, to write a complete and comprehensive guide to freefall photography. Patrick Weldon's "Flying the Camera" is the first attempt I have seen to do so, and is well worth...
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Becoming a Camera Flyer - 2000-09-03 by Robbie Culver updated

They're out there every weekend - you see them with the students, following the teams, part of the Freefly revolution. And now you've decided to join them. So you want to be a camera flyer, huh?...
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