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The 6 Laws of Exit Order You Really Need to Know - 2016-04-14 by Annette O'Neil

The 6 Laws of Exit Order You Really Need to Know Does exit order seem like some kind of obscure semi-religious ritual? Do you go through the motions without really understanding the moving parts? If so, yikes--but you’re certainly not alone....
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Exit Order Safety - 2014-10-21 by Brian Germain

Exit Order Safety There are many different views on exit order, although only some of them are based in science. The following exit order plan is based on the principle of "prop blast penetration": the degree to which ...
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Exit Separation - 2013-12-23 by JC Fallo

Exit Separation On Saturday October 26, 2013 there was a near canopy collision by experienced jumpers. There were several factors which may have contributed to this event. I feel that a lack of understanding of exit ...
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Launching 2, 3 and 4-Way Stars for Recreational RW - 2010-09-14 by Ed Lightle

Funneled exits are bound to happen once in a while on recreational RW loads, but they do not have to be the norm. With the leadership of a good load organizer and thorough dirt dives, jumpers with...
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Exit Separation Revisited - 2006-05-10 by Bill von Novak

Exit Separation Revisited Exit separation has become a point of contention at many DZ's lately. Years ago, when belly flying was the rule and the Cessna 182 was the aircraft at most DZ's, exit separation wasn't too much of a ...
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Freefall Simulation Program - 2003-08-19 by John Kallend

Use this online application to simulate the most likely trajectories of (groups of)skydivers with different fall rates, given the fall rate, airplane speed, and winds
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Wind Drift & Exit Order Graphic - 2003-08-19 by Tim Wagner

Skydivers need to be educated about the effects of wind drift, fall rate, and time. Time is the key to understanding freefall drift; it is a basic observation that a slow falling group will...
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Another Look at Descent Kinematics - 2003-08-19 by Winsor Naugler III

Winsor intends to provide an overview of fundamentals of planning and conducting parachute jump operations. Methods are shown to best ensure separation between groups and enable safe landing at the...
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Essay on Exit Order - 2003-08-19 by Bryan Burke

So far, the big sky theory has taken care of us most of the time but I have heard of a couple close calls and more than once found myself directly over the freeflyers if they leave first. Here's why ...
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