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Swooping - 2004-04-28 by admin

With the development of high performance canopies swooping has seen somewhat of a spike in popularity as canopies now allow pilots to "run the blades" on courses layed designed on level ground...
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Freeflying - 2004-04-28 by admin

Freeflying is the ability to fly your body in any position, in any direction, at any speed at any given time. This includes, but is not limited to, headdown, sit, stand, back, belly and any kind of...
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BASE Jumping - 2004-04-28 by admin

BASE is an acronym that stands for the 4 categories of objects that people jump from. B is for Building, A is for Antenna, S is for Span (generally a bridge), E is for Earth formation (generally a...
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Formation Skydiving - 2004-04-28 by admin

Free Flyers would call Formation Skydiving "belly-flying", with the earth always below, and the skies above. Formation Skydiving is much more than this, and entails quite a long history.
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Style and Accuracy - 2004-04-28 by admin

More commonly called Style and Accuracy, these disciplines are also referred to as the "Classics." The first skydiving competitions in the first half of the 20th Century involved landing on a target...
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Canopy Relative Work - 2004-04-28 by admin

Canopy Relative Work (CRW) may be described as the intentional maneuvering of two or more open parachute canopies in close proximity to, or contact with one another during descent.
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Freestyle - 2004-04-28 by admin

Freestyle is defined as a solo freefall discipline that involves choreographed multi-orientation static and dynamic maneuvers.
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Skysurfing - 2004-04-28 by admin

Skysurfing is a team parachuting discipline, with each team consisting of two athletes: a Skysurfer and a Cameraflyer. The Skysurfer rides a specially designed skyboard during freefall, sliding,...
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Para-ski - 2004-04-28 by admin

Para-ski is one of the competitive disciplines in parachuting and the only one to originate outside parachuting. The sport originated in Switzerland in the early 1960’s, when Swiss skiers...
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