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pub : The Eloy Holiday Gathering Dec 24-Jan 01

The Eloy Holiday Gathering Dec 24-Jan 01

You know Otter1 and Porter and Sky-Van and Beech. Otter2, KingAir, Stearman and Otter3… but do you recall the Balloons here Winter through Fall? There will be Monkeys falling from the sky, followed by Bazz and a Bytch near by. With PPGS in full color, pink, yellow, blue wishing a happy holiday season to you. Come join us for fun in the sun at Planet Eloy, catch a brief sight of our own Chromeboy.

Eloy Gathering: Click to Enlarge With dozens of firsts and lots of owed beer, a night jump to help ring in the New Year. Drunk as skunks folks will get, just watch out for that Prepheckt!! You can sit back and watch the Lummy dance, or fly with Bets and watch her prance. And for those who happen to cork, you won’t have to worry about Sangiro’s Hot Fork!

Come one come all to the DZ. event of the year. Know you’ll be missed if you can’t make it here…no worries tho…we’ll drink your BEER!

More Eloy Gathering Information:

> See the Attendee List > More Info and Discussion > Send Betsy your Updates!

Boogie Info:

  • December 24-Jan 1
  • Registration $25.00 (includes tee and free beer!)
  • Jumps $13.00
  • Aircraft: 3 Otters, SkyVan, King Air, Beech, Porter, DC-3
  • Stearman Bi-plane $60.00
  • Balloon jumps $65.00 (early am and afternoon up to 8 people per load)
  • High Alt. jumps w/O2 to 22k $25.00
  • Night jump Dec 31st $25.00
  • Short board sky surf clinic Dec 26-31 – check DZ. calendar
  • Freestyle Camp Dec. 28/29
  • Bunk house $5.68 per night (reservations NOT accepted)
  • Tenting~ free, no reservations....plenty of room
  • RV hook ups $15 per day
  • Lunches will be pre-ordered daily for those interested .
  • Nig noggery is free…..
  • This is the event of the year…… don’t want to miss it!!
For shuttle bus call Skydive AZ and they will arrange it for you #520-466-3753 or email Visit the Skydive Arizona website for an aerial view.

By Betsy Barnhouse on 2002-10-22 | Last Modified on 2004-09-19

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