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pub : Sleigh Rides over Eloy - The Holiday Boogie

Sleigh Rides over Eloy - The Holiday Boogie

Traveling from all parts and all walks of life we embarked on the journey that is Planet Eloy. We came to play, create havoc/ mayhem, and to gaze at the stars. Whatever was done, it was done in a true fashion with smiles, good will and nig-noggery in its finest form. Although the faces may have been new to many, the names were as familiar as a warm quilt.

It was clear to see that this would be a gathering like no other, and one not easily forgotten. We came together for holiday merriment, camaraderie, and to honor those lost to us. It was a celebration of life, and new beginnings.

Banner Band Dinner Landings Skydive
It began with Prepheckt and B-Squared greeting members of the family under a tent with the new banner (thanks Seb!) that signified the "gathering" place. Information was shared here from "how to, where to" and: "Yeah Aggie Dave is that way -->>" pointing to the truck with the huge Texas flags loaded to the gate with Shiner Bock.

There was a night of music around the campfire provided by Sudsyfist, AggieDave and JTval complete with monetary offerings into the guitar case as well as Duece who fell to the feet of the musicians in homage... hot coal walking by Wmw999 and Pds... ummm yeah…swimming in birthday suits, debauchery and yes beacon rides... of sorts. The beer flowed freely as keg upon keg was tapped and emptied.

There were initiations into the order of Monkey by SkymonkeyOne, and Rodriguez Brothers by our very own Cajones. The days found Lewmonst asking if she could join in on the dives to video (most excellent Lew) and managed to catch some nig-noggery in the air. Truly classic footage!

More often than not, Skydive Arizona ran with 7 aircraft in the air and there were balloon rides in the early mornings and evenings. It was a skydiver's paradise.

The formation loads with Craig Girard of Airspeed were a treat as were the organized Freefly jumps with Steve Curtis of Arizona Freeflight. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and each new family member greeted in kind. The cross-country jump was most memorable as a fully loaded DC-3 and Otter graced the skies 7 miles out of Eloy. The 65 canopies in the air was a sight to behold and was a new record not only for (27 members) but for Skydive Arizona as well. Yes everyone made it back and if one was to ask Viking he would tell you he is hooked on cross country jumps!

There were hybrids organized by Deuce, Sudsy and Pablito. Hoop dives, zoo dives, birdman and lots of coaching in different disciplines. An "A" license earned by our NtheSeaOrSky and then... we received the biggest surprise... His Royal Red Hot Forkness came to Eloy to play with his wayward children! He joined the ranks leaving the fork behind and brought an end to the rumor that BillVon was really Sangiro.

Hooknswoop showed us his super swooping abilities under that napkin that he calls a parachute, which was nothing short of truly amazing. LouDiamond was adventurous, and tried every kind of jump available including birdman instructed by SkymonkeyOne. Sunshine brought smiles and warmth as did Mouth. Katiebear brought with her "I'm loving you" and it was heartfelt. Our family rose to the occasion when one of our members was in need and proved once again that we are a community that takes care of its own. What an amazing group of people.

In the end it was a most excellent time with 2,461 jumps made by the 107 members who attended. This was just the beginning, next year the Holiday Boogie in Eloy will be the 2nd annual Boogie. Put in for vacation now... and hold on to your frap hats... it is sure to be a great adventure.

A special thank you to Lewmonst and Cajones for their work on the Holiday Boogie video; Deuce for flying camera during the formation loads and dubbing them down; Hobbes4star and his lovely wife Tricia for decorating the banquet; Prepheckt for being the "Go where ever needed" guy, and lastly to Sangiro for without him, this would never had happened.

Here are a few statistics from the boogie:
  • Loads flown - 707
  • Jet Fuel used - 19,000 gallons or 127,270 pounds of Jet A
  • Kegs of beer consumed - 51
  • Aircraft flown - 7
  • Jumps done by Dropzone.commers - 2,461
  • Records - 2 (Cross Country & Hybrid)
  • Fun had - infinite

> Holiday Boogie Photos

By Betsy Barnhouse on 2003-01-09 | Last Modified on 2004-09-19

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