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pub : Perris Valley Labor Day Gathering 2002 Perris Valley Labor Day Gathering 2002

Did NWS01 moon BillVon through the Bomb Shelter window? Did Viking get laid? Did Skybytch really ditch us for sex? Did human sandwiches occur? Did massive amounts of tequila, Jagermeister, beer, and diet soda get consumed? Did we find out some dirt and start rumors about others on Did Cornholio take two Playboy bunnies back to his tent? Did Lummy wipe out the second or third bottle of tequila and proposition Michele? Did we see Chromeboy's space ship? Did BBarnhouse test drive all the men? Did SudsyFist explain the true meaning of his name? Did we show all of our jumps from that day in the Bomb Shelter for all to see chanting, "We suck!"?

> Perris Labor Day Photo Gallery     Photos: Arthur Anderson (Viking)
Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. I plead the Fifth.

"And so it begins," said Gary Lum, known on the forums as Lummy, at the start of the second gathering of regulars and not-so-regulars at Perris Valley Skydiving in Perris, Calif. It was the culmination of a two-week-long posting blitz promising parties galore and new records to be. Perris, boasting $14.50 skydives from Twin Otters, a Skyvan, and a turbine DC-3 was host to dot-commers from Boston, Arizona, and, of course, California.

I did several jumps that Friday the 29th waiting for the arrivals. Steve (SudsyFist) was also at Perris Friday afternoon but we did not meet until later in the day. Lisa (Skybytch) and SBS (Steve) paged me from Square One. It was agreed that the two would roll by after work to tip a beer. When they got there, SBS and I were able to sneak in a quick hybrid before sunset.

Well, that one beer after sunset turned into several and slowly everyone came rolling in.

BBarnhouse was the first from out of town besides me to arrive. Then another truckload of jumpers came rolling in from Northern California. It was Lummy and Matt (Cornholio). They had picked up Nathan (NWS01 a.k.a Chromeboy) from LAX. Next to arrive was Jams (Matt2 or Tom - The Other Matt) and Michele. You could tell from the vibe that this was going to be a good weekend. We sat till early in the morning in front of the now-closed Bomb Shelter drinking beers and BSing about the days to follow and our online community.

Early Saturday morning was spent clearing the mind of the pollutants of the evening before.

It was soon clear that the record was not what people where interested in. They wanted FUN FUN FUN. You could see the group was about as serious as our posts usually are.

We set up a makeshift camp of fold-out chairs, gear and coolers alongside the runway. Jack Gramley, the Perris DZ manager, poster, and all around super cool guy provided us with a thorough briefing regarding DZ policies and nuances and gave us a free team room. The core group on Saturday was Skybytch, BBarnhouse, Viking, Scoby, Lummy, NWS01, Jams, Cornholio, Duece, and Michele. Others were around continually visiting but busy with team responsibilities, work jumps, or big ways. BillVon, Quade, SBS, Steve, Albatross, SudsyFist, VectorBoy, Hottamaly, ltdiver, GiaKrembs, Grasshopper, Keith and.... Hey, that's a lot of people to remember! Hope I did not miss anyone.

Jumping disciplines and jump numbers varied amongst us, so zoo loads were in order for most of the day. We some freeflying, hybrids, and good old-fashioned speed stars from the DC-3. Climbing to altitude in the turbine DC-3 listening to the old-timers sing some pretty outrageous skydiving songs was definitely a hoot. Duece was quite thankful for the posts regarding the proper opening of the Skyvan door since that was his job as camera man a majority of the day. Oh, and not a bad job by Michele on her biggest RW way ever – I think a six-way. The weather was muggy with temperatures in the 90s. Nothing was to keep the crew from having some seriously awesome fun skydives though -- not even the dust devils, which were pretty impressive, to say the least. Michele definitely gets props for hydrating me and the crew. Viking was snapping away ground photos and soaking in the sun.

Those reading this story have to realize that it would be impossible to tell you about everything that happened that day. What a wild bunch! I personally made 27 skydives all weekend, carried BBarnhouse across the DZ, and was ridden like a rodeo bull by Skybytch. Did more happen? Absolutely! The attitudes and camaraderie were awesome. Dropzone dot-commers were playing around having fun with each other all day. Big prime rib dinners were in order that night in the Bomb Shelter with live music outside near the pool. Duece's beautiful twin daughters and wife joined us for dinner too. Jams (Matt) has the best recipe for margaritas in the world, by the way -- thanks dude. Our circle of chairs along the runway would serve as home base throughout the night. More debauchery occurred that night than can be described – but check out the first paragraph of this story for a taste.

The following day, Sunday, people broke off into smaller groups with the exception of a pretty hot five-way head down, a nine-way tube, and Hottamaly organizing a belly jump or two. The majority of us had to begin our long journeys home later that evening, unfortunately. A couple of us remained for some jumps on Monday. A few beers into the evening, several hugs later, promises for future get-togethers and the weekend slowly wound down. I was back on the road. It was nice to see a group of people who have never really met get together and forge some new friendships. The non-serious, just-have-fun attitude that usually plays itself out on the forums carried over to real life. It was a breath of fresh air.

To all who came out and to all who missed the fun -- YOU SUCK!! In the nicest possible way of course. Peace.

By Sebazz1 on 2002-09-22 | Last Modified on 2004-09-19

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